>Help Ive been contacted by someone claiming to be Facebook Security

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I’ve been getting reports in that someone from Facebook Security has been contacting users to get them to send login information to them, or be blocked, removed, banned etc…

They already have this information, nor do they actually need it to manage accounts.
The real Facebook Security has Administrative privileges that supersede anyones accounts.
This also goes for any site you log into. There is a structured order to these things.
As with any site, my own as well as your PC work in much the same way.
If anything goes wrong, or someone forgets a password. The Administrator can “Take Over” any other account to fix problems or what not.

So Unless you are at the Official Login Page (This is the ONLY place You should EVER be asked for login credentials), do NOT ever give this information out freely in ANY way shape or form claiming to be an administrator.

If anyone ever contacts you in this manner… Report, and Block the person immediately.
This is an age old tactic called phishing using Social Engineering as a way to get personal information.

Login credentials are for you, and you only!

Stay safe everybody,


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>We now accept Print screen on our email service

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We would like to offer you a print screen service so you can send scam images and problems to us. all print screens will be accepted on the email address support@thebulldogestate.com and used in conjunction with the scam report you submit on our report system, or you can leave a detailed report in the email also.

  1. Press the Print Screen key on your keyboard. It may be labeled [PrtScn].The key is situated on the upper right of your windows keyboard. There are three buttons together.1>Print Screen/Sys Rq/ PrtScn 2>Scroll lock 3>Pause/break.
  2. Open an image editing program, such as Microsoft Paint or Adobe Photoshop etc,.
  3. Go to the Edit menu and choose Paste for Microsoft paint, for Photoshop chose file. Then click new and then ok. Go to view and click paste.
  4. If prompted to enlarge the image, choose yes.
  5. Optional: Use your image editor’s crop tool to crop out unnecessary portions of the screen shot.
  6. Go to the File Menu and choose Save As.
  7. Navigate to the folder where you want to save the image.
  8. Type a file name for the image.
Tip: Press and hold the ALT key with the Print Screen key. IT will enable you to create a screen shot only for the currently active windows.

Step by Step

step 1
step 1
step 2
step 2
step 3
step 3
step 4

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>The Photo Tagging Nightmare! – by Mike Malm

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There has been a VAST number of photo tagging survey scams to surface as of late, and the list just keeps getting longer and longer!

Unfortunately there isn’t much you can do about it; aside from removing the post from your profile wall, and un-tagging yourself from the picture that is. Assuming you didn’t actually click the link in the picture, you should be okay.

If by chance you did click the link, and have given permission to the rogue app. You are most likely to be the one of the many that have allowed the app to post images, and tag your friends in YOUR name! There is a Video on Sophos’s website on how to clean up the aftermath of being such a victim…

What you CAN do though is prevent others from seeing these photos in their news feeds if YOU do get tagged by one, so it doesn’t spread any further! We’ll call it “Proliferation Prevention”, because much like STD’s prevention is the best medicine; right? 😉
There is a negative effect to this though. If there are friends in your list who you would like to see tagged photos of you, you’ll be SOL! This will prevent EVERYONE from seeing ANY tagged photos of you! Although if you know about grouping friends into different categories such as “Friends”, “Family”, “Gamers” etc… You can set permissions to specific groups.
For people with very large friend lists, this helps A LOT for privacy reasons.
Top Right: Account > Edit Friends
I’ll save a tutorial for that at a later date, but for now I’ll show ya the basics. =]

  • First we’ll start off by going to your account privacy settings.

Top right: “Account” > “Privacy Settings”

  • Then you’ll want to set a customized setting.

Click “Customize settings”

  • You’ll see in the list under “Things others share”… A section for “Photos and videos you’re tagged in”.

Click “Edit Settings”

  • A new popup “Who can see photos and video I’m tagged in”.
From the drop down select “Custom edit”

  • a new popup “Make this visible to”
“These people” from the drop down select “Only Me”
Click the “Save Setting” button, and you’re done!

Let’s keep Facebook a clean, and SPAM Free environment!
These scammers and spammers are only in it to make money by praying on peoples natural curiosities, and desires. It’s an age old tactic of Social Engineering, and who’d a thunk that a social site would be perfect for this?
Remember; if it seems too good (sick) to be true, it usually is!

If you would like to stop seeing repeat offending apps from posting in your news feed…
Please check out my note on Facebook on “Known List of Apps to Block“. Share it with your friends, and spread the word. I try to keep it up to date as much as possible.
Help them to help you fight off this spamming garbage!

I would like to thank The BULLDOG Estate, and Sophos for their great contributions of helping fight the spam!

Safe Facebooking,

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The Best Privacy Settings to have on Facebook If you Play Games

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These setting are on my account and with all the tagging and spam that is on facebook, we have found these to be the best settings, all can be found here http://www.facebook.com/settings/?tab=privacy&ref=mb

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>The BULLDOG Estate – Tip – FarmVille Wall Posts

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(Click Image Below To Enlarge)

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Sending us a Report and Sharing Our Group

We will not click or accept links posted to The BULLDOG Estate “Wall” on Facebook, so for you to alert us to a possible scam or problem, please use our “Report” System , its better to have these scam links on our private database, that way the “Happy Clickers” do not see what has been posted and click the link and spread it.

Making a “Report” to The BULLDOG Estate
Please fill out all details and we will be able to assist you better
We need your help “Sharing” Our Group

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The BULLDOG Estate Recruitment Post :O)

We now have 1960 members but i feel with your help we can have 2000 in next to no time .
So lets try shall we.

For Facebook
Here is our share link on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/bulldog.estate?sk=app_4949752878 click that and follow the instructions :O)
Sharing this link direct to facebook will hit over 500 million people. 
you can also “Like” Our Facebook page clicking “Like here”

For The Blog

Please click here and share our blog to Facebook ——–> Share Blog
So lets try and get 2000 members and try to keep them all scam and spam free

Here are some useful links:
The BULLDOG Estate “Report a Scam Feature” Click here
Our Partner Pages are ScamSniper and Unofficial Guide to FB Privacy and Security

This is The BULLDOG Estates Email address : BULLDOGNK@facebook.com

This is Our Twitter Page @bulldognk

Thanks for Reading 

The BULLDOG Estate

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An illustrated guide to claiming and using your limited edition AVG biplane.

Source AvG.com

Claiming your limited edition AVG biplane is a simple process, the only requirement is having the FarmVille game on your Facebook account. With that in mind, here are the steps to getting hold of your AVG biplane. 
Step One:
Open FarmVille and Select “Market” from your menu.
Step Two:
Select AVG’s special offer within the Market menu.
Step Three:
Follow the link to get your biplane

Step Four:
Take advantage of AVG’s great offer on PC Tuneup 2011
Purchase complete

Step Five:
You’ll see a congratulations banner when you return to FarmVille!

Step Six:
Place your plane on your farm.
Step Seven: (Optional)
From the unit menu, select Apply Instant Grow

Step Eight:
Harvest your fully grown crops!

We’d love to know what you think about our FarmVille biplane! Will you be getting one? Join the debate on Facebook or Twitter. For further information or support please visit the official Zynga forums.

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Testing Facebook Comment feature – Members help needed

Please leave a message, we are testing the new comment feature from Facebook

Can some members test the new message system out for us, lets see if we are keeping it :O)

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>With Facebook Allowing Apps to use your address and Phone Number : How to Hide it

> With Facebook Allowing Apps to use your address and Phone Number : How to Hide it

QuoteFacebook announced today they will be re-enabling a feature allowing application developers access to user mobile phone and address data.  Amid much public and governmental backlash, Facebook instituted a delay of the initiative just three days after its January release. A Facebook spokesperson wrote, “We are making changes to help ensure you only share this information when you intend to do so.” 
Privacy advocates were hopeful the feature would be abandoned altogether, but most people familiar with Facebook policies knew it was a matter of “when,” not “if,” it would be reinstated. 
Congressional leaders weighing in on the subject believe the pop-up permission box displayed upon installing a Facebook application is insufficient notification due to the sensitive nature of addresses and phone numbers. Policy makers also expressed concern about contact information of minors being available to application developers. Here is how to hide your information


Or simply Delete your Real Number and Add Facebooks corporate number
The PR Department number is CA UsA (650) 543-4811 

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