Malware ALERT – Fake BBB Mail

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Business owners and customers alike should be on guard for a scam that is using the Better Business Bureau | US‘s name to trick users into downloading malware on to their computers. The malware is designed to infect the user’s computer and look for information such as bank account numbers and passwords in order to steal mon

ey from the recipient’s accounts. The scam comes in two different versions. One which masquerades as follow up to a complaint filed with BBB, the other is asking for updated contact information “as a service to BBB Accredited Businesses.” Both are good fakes, using correct grammar and following BBB formatting. However, floating your mouse over the links offered in the emails reveal an address that does not belong to the Better Business Bureau.

If you receive these types of emails it is very important that you do not clink any of the links offered in them or reply to them. Instead forward the message to then delete them immediately.

~Black Knight


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