Hoax Alert – Facebook Will Not Close March 15th 2012. It’s just an Old Hoax..

Hoax Alert – Facebook Will Close March 15th.

Facebook users should be one the lookout for messages that state Facebook will close on March 15th 2012. Despite what is stated in the messages being circulated on Facebook, (Example Attached), they should not be taken seriously, re-shared or re-posted. The fact is: this is nothing more then a rehash of a hoax that circulated last year around this same time and the messages currently being circulated are pointing to the exact same website that started last years hoax.. See Examples and Resources..

Example Hoax Messages
Screen-Cap – Website Circulating the Hoax

Resources: (Proves This is the Same Hoax.)

(01-09-2011) – Via Sophos
Facebook will NOT end on March 15th. Hoax news story spreads like wildfire

(11-16-2011) Via Snopes.com
Facebook Closure – Facebook will be closing down for good on 15 March 2012.

(01-10-2011) Via Hoax-Slayer
Hoax – Facebook Shutting Down on March 15

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