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Last post for today, and on these Facebook issues..

Here is my opinion.. The ticker sucks ass, but it does not break your privacy settings, (Glitches Maybe). If you don’t want to over expose yourself and your friends pay attention to the Privacy settings on the post you make and reply to, and realize the ticker will/may show your friends what you are doing at all times.. The Time Line doesn’t suck ass, but it’s going to put your ass to work if you’ve posted a lot of crap since you’ve been on Facebook. Don’t tweak it right and friend the wrong people, your ass will get data mined, period. Cookie tracking is not new, Facebook will claim they don’t follow you, Hackers will claim they do, Big time security professionals will scratch their heads, raise their eyebrow and write a report that doesn’t screw Facebook completely. Fuck what anyone tells you, Log out of Facebook, then close your browser and wipe your cache completely or use one browser for Facebook and another for all other activity if you don’t want to be tracked.

Leave if you want to, stick around if you can deal with it. When you joined Facebook years ago, in the back of your mind, you knew you’d be in for a wild ass ride. Pay Attention, Know The Facts and Do what YOU feel is right..

Facebook’s ticker privacy scare, and what you should do about it

It ain’t the Timeline, it’s the Ticker, Doc.

Logging out of Facebook is not enough

Facebook is accused of over-tracking users

Seriously, Netflix, Facebook — Did You Forget About Your Consumer?

So You know the deal, why FACEBOOK IS FREE and ALWAYS WILL BE!

Extra Reading –
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Facebook Is Free!

Privacy Tools (FREE)


FireFox Plug-in ( BetterPrivacy )

~MBK -Peace

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