Open Letter was presented to Facebook

On February 4 2012, an Open Letter was presented to Facebook in reference to the escalating issue of ‘Sick Child Hoaxes, or “baby charity scams” as a Facebook spokesperson later referred. The letter stated that several websites had made collective efforts to prevent the spread of these photographs, and called for their removal. It also requested that Facebook increase public awareness of the issue and act more proactively in preventing and removing these hoaxes/ scams. To date we believe Facebook’s efforts appear lacking at best. Please read our new letter to Facebook and take the time to sign the included petition. Help us help you.

An Open Letter To Facebook -RE: Sick Child Hoaxes, or baby charity scams 

My Open Letter To You, Facebook & Whoever wants to read it

My Open Letter To You, Facebook & Whoever wants to read it:

It has come to my attention that quite a few people are getting verbally abused by their “friends” when they try to explain the reason why sick child hoaxes shouldn’t be shared. I’ve seen people be told to shut the “****” up or called nasty names and heartless because they have simply stated the message with the photos is false and that the photos should not be shared for that reason. It’s actually a very sad thing to see and it is a shame responsible users have been forced into this situation. Facebook has stated they are going to improve the system for reporting these types of photos but sadly I have not seen any improvement in how this situation is being handled. Actually it’s gotten worse since their statement and by my “fuzzy” calculations nearly 1% of all Facebook users have spread these photos. That’s means near 8,000,000 people either have fallen for the lie, or have willingly excepted a lie because they want to be or feel sympathetic and many of them even fail to understand that the pictures have been place on Facebook and spread around without the child’s parents permission. Seriously, You think you’re being sympathetic by spreading a lie around with the picture of someone Else’s sick child? You’re “Fu**ing Kidding Me, right?

I digress…

Whether the pictures are being used simply as pranks, used to dupe users into liking pages, friending profiles or subscribing to con-men doesn’t matter to me anymore. The way Facebook seems to or appears to be handling the issue leads me and several of my colleagues to believe they are secretly getting something out of this type of activity, like increased site activity numbers or ad displays, and that my friends makes this extremely disheartening to me. I hope we are wrong and this is simply just an oversight on their part but I, just like many of you are tired of the situation. We do not sign into Facebook to have our feeds blasted with this type of thing, to be abused by the people we may have in our friends list, or to be abused by random commenters to a con they apparently can’t comprehend is a con. Whether it be sick children or puppies, it needs to be handled because in my view it has turned into a prolific con that is bound to get worse on Facebook.

To the people who have “friends” abusing them over the issue, I’m sorry. I’m sorry to see so many people are unwilling to accept the truth, BUT, as my old mom would say: “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. -Shoot the horse and move on before you die of thrust as well”. I wish that I could do more to help you, but the truth is I’m just like you. Just another Facebook user who loves the site but hates the Fact the site doesn’t seem to love him back at times. If you see a person post any of the sick child hoaxes and you feel they will be open to your information, give it to them and them alone. If you think they don’t care about it and will continue to do it, either unsubscribe to their updates so you won’t see the pictures and trash they post or give them the boot completely, unfriend them. As far as reporting the photos, Facebook says you help them remove the stuff by reporting it. So far, that looks like a lie, (Sorry Facebook, Just Calling It As I See It), but I guess it’s better to follow that instruction, then do nothing at all.

Old Scam Hunter – ~Mr. Black Knight

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