The Internet Crime Complaint Center has posted new scam alerts for January 7, 2013

The Internet Crime Complaint Center has posted new scam alerts for January 7, 2013. Please see the attached report for the full details. It is a must read for those wanting to stay ahead of the game.

~Black Knight

IC3’s Scam Alerts for January 7, 2013

Misinformation – My Birthday Calendar

Snopes has this listed as FALSE, and guess what? I fully agree with that finding. HOWEVER, let me set the record strait. I firmly believe almost ALL Facebook Applications are aggressive information collectors/ thieves. So if you are going to pass around the status shown in the photo, you’d better edit out the one application named and generally warn your friends away from ALL Facebook Apps. See attached Snopes report. ๐Ÿ˜‰

~Black Knight

My Birthday Calendar & Holiday Card List

Extra Info:
You may want to read these as well.
Data Use Policy โ†’ Other websites and applications

Sold out soon as you load most apps the first time.
“When you connect with a game, application or website – such as by going to a game, logging in to a website using your Facebook account, or adding an app to your timeline – we give the game, application, or website (sometimes referred to as just “Applications” or “Apps”) your basic info (we sometimes call this your “public profile”), which includes your User ID and your public information. We also give them your friends’ User IDs (also called your friend list) as part of your basic info.”

Facebook Platform Policies (Section II:5)

Looks like Facebook is about to change things up again

Looks like Facebook is about to change things up again. They’ve already rolled out a new “Timeline” format for users in New Zealand. -Quote: “The new design simplifies the two columns of updates into one and turns the timeline headers at the top into clickable tabs.” See the attached reports for more information.

~Black Knight

Facebook begins rolling out new single-column Timeline with greater emphasis on messages [Updated]

Facebook May Launch New Timeline Design

Facebook Timeline Change: It’s Starting

Advanced Alert – General Warning

Advanced Alert – General Warning

Scam artist will be actively looking to exploit Facebook users due to the current roll out of updates to the Timeline. Don’t fall prey to them. See the attached resources.

~Black Knight

Things to Avoid:
1. Facebook post or apps that claim you can remove/ delete/ do away with your Timeline.
2. Facebook post or apps that claim you can revert back to the old Timeline or Profile.
3. Facebook post or apps that claim you can change the color or theme of your Timeline and or profile.
4. Facebook post or apps that claim they will give you the New Facebook Timeline.

Timeline Changes Are Coming โ€“ Beware of New Scams

Remove My Timeline โ€“ Facebook Spam

Beware Remove your Facebook Timeline scams

Beware of ‘Remove Timeline’ Facebook Scams

Scammers hope you hate Facebook’s Timeline

Archived Scam Sniper Articles
The Facebook Timeline: What You Need To Know About Getting It, Scams And Removing It.

Facebook Timeline Removal and Color Change Scams.

For Animal Rescue Advocates-Understanding -Security Check-Captchas

For Animal Rescue Advocates: Understanding “Security Check-Captcha’s” prompts and other account restrictions on sharing.

by The BULLDOG Estate on Monday, 7 January 2013 at 15:07 ยท

There appears to be quite a few messages floating around Facebook that state Facebook is blocking or deactivating animal rescue advocate accounts. The messages, in all their CAPS glory, are a bit misleading, I’m sorry to say. If you’re an animal rescue advocate stop and think for a minute: Why would Facebook all of a sudden want to block you? Do you think Facebook wants to go up against every animal rights organization or animal shelter on the planet for blocking their advocates from simply helping animals? Yea, umm, Facebook has its problems, I’ll give you that, but really, come on.

Actually what appears to be happening is that Facebook’s “Anti-Spam” system is flagging users who are, let’s say, a little too trigger happy with sharing or friending, or whatnot. If you’re getting “Security Check” or “Captcha’s” prompts, or other account restrictions on sharing and friending, YOU MAY NEED TO SLOW DOWN YOUR TRIGGER FINGER. Try this: Instead of posting 15 links or whatever every 5 minutes, post 5 links or whatever every half hour or so. In between posting, go do something else like chat with your friends, read the news or play a game. Do something that makes you look like a HUMAN. By posting/ sharing/ friending/ whatever too much, too fast, you are making Facebook treat you like a spammer or spam bot. See here:

It is also possible that Facebook’s “Anti-Spam” system is detecting spam like activity from your account due to a rogue Facebook Application, malware or a malicious browser plugin on your computer. If you’ve come in contact with the aforementioned, the bad guys could be using your account as a spam bot. To solve the issue you need to check and clean both your Facebook account and computer. See Here:

There is also a chance Facebook’s “Anti-Spam” system is once again hopped-up on something and is incorrectly flagging users, links or actions it shouldn’t, on certain accounts or parts of the service. If that’s happening then you will either have to wait it out or try to get Facebook to pay attention to the problem by submitting a bug report here:

How do I know this?

I’ve been on Facebook as Black Knight for more than 3 years, Scam Sniper a whole year before that and before Facebook was even born I was troubleshooting and repairing computers, their software and networks. So let’s just say I know my Schmit. Not only that, but I’ve only capitalized each letter at the being of a sentence, one whole word and one line in this 5 paragraph “quick note”. I’m not some over excited Schmuck, I’m just a human trying to help other humans, by breaking bread with a little knowledge. ๐Ÿ˜‰

~Black Knight

Since March 2010 we’ve been taking a “No Bull”, “No Holds Barred” approach to scam fighting.

Facebook Clean up 2012

If you want to know how to clean up your profile and computer in some cases, after you’ve interacted with a scam that may have caused you to install rogue apps on your profile or malicious browser plugins, please read on.

Follow these steps, (In Order), to clean things up…

First: Start by checking what Facebook apps you have installed and remove any suspicious ones. Then check for and remove any suspicious browser plugins. You should also update your Anti-Virus Software and RUN A FULL SCAN with it to make sure you didn’t get any viruses on your computer from the spam.

How do I remove or delete an app from my account?

Removing any possible bogus browser Plugins..

Uninstall extensions (Chrome)
Uninstalling add-ons (FireFox)

Second: You should change your Facebook Password just in case.

How do I reset my password?

Third: Finally you should Delete the wall messages and or report the messages as spam.

Here is how to remove a post from your Timeline or Feed:

How do I delete something posted on my timeline?

How do I remove a link that I posted?

The link below shows you how to Report Abuse On Facebook. It covers reporting a post as spam.

How do I report abuse to Facebook?

~Black Knight

Scam Alert – get 4 free tickets to Disneyland

For those who think they are going to get 4 free tickets to Disneyland by simply sharing some random non-official Facebook page: Sorry, you’ve been had. See photo and included resources.

~Black Knight

Now stop spamming your friends with bogus offers:
Thank you.

Get 4 FREE Disneyland Tickets (Merry Christmas) โ€“ Facebook Scam

Free Disneyland Tickets Scam

Receive Disney Land Tickets FREE (Limited Time Only!) Facebook Scam

ConsumerWatch: Scammers Selling Fake Disneyland Tickets On Craigslist

Tipsy Tow Facebook hoax

Looks like the old “Tipsy Tow” Facebook hoax is making the rounds again. While the Tipsy Tow service is real, the information being passed around on Facebook is inaccurate. Please see the attached photo and resources for the correct information.

~Black Knight

AAA Tipsy Tow Program – Don’t Drive Drunk – Get a Free Ride Home.

Some AAA Clubs Offer Safe Driving Alternatives During Year-End Holidays

Tipsy Tow


Scam ALERT – Hack FB Inboxes

**Share & Like To Spread This Alert**

It is currently not possible for you to view your friends inboxes on Facebook. Any page or app claiming to give you this ability will be a scam. Word to the wise: If you are looking to hack into parts of your friend’s Facebook accounts and are not a bonafide hacker you will likely end up getting hacked by someone looking to
“Pwn” (Own) wannabes..

~Black Knight

PS> Sorry.. Correction: “A word to the wise ain’t necessary – it’s the stupid ones that need the advice.”

Scam ALERT – Freebie Offers

**Share & Like To Spread This Alert**

Again I’m going to keep this real simple. See all of the EYE CATCHING, ($1000) free offers shown in the attached photo? Yes? Good, make sure you stay away from them. They are all scams. They request you share them with your friends, do fake surveys or had over your mobile number and other personal information. In return, youย 

will receive nothing, but the scammer who created them will get paid for your insatiable urge to obtain a Free Lunch.

~Black Knight

Beware of Facebook Freebies!

Facebook SCAM – Watch Out For Free Gift And Gift Card Offers On Facebook.

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