Facebook Does Not Pay For or Donate Money For Sharing and Liking Any Content.

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(Additional Resource Added – There are now 10 known Hoaxes)
Facebook user should be on the lookout for a “re-posted” PHOTOS that claim people should share them to help children obtain free heart transplants or other needed surgeries. Despite what is stated in the widely circulated Facebook messages, (Examples Attached), the photos should not be re-shared or re-posted.

First, Facebook is not going to pay anything to anyone simply because they shared a photo and Second, these message are nothing more than new variations of old money for forwarding or re-posting hoaxes. These types of messages have been circulated for years, first via email and more lately via social media posts. In many confirmed cases the images are being uploaded to facebook and shared through the network without the parents expressed permission or consent. Many of the parents become distraught to find out someone is using pictures of their sick child in this manner and have been petitioning Facebook to remove the photo’s for quite some time now. If you should see any of your friends re-share or re-post any of the pictures shown below, you should inform them of the hoax and then report the photo itself , at it’s source. You can report the photo’s at their source by simply clicking on the photo in the new feed then click the “Report This Photo” link shown below the photo, to the right. Do not believe that you are doing the “compassionate” thing by re-sharing the hoax messages and photos. What you are really doing is aiding pranksters and con-men. Your efforts are better served finding a legitimate childhood sickness charity on Facebook to support.

Current Baby Cancer & Heart Transplant Hoaxes


UPDATE 1: All “Event Invites” that use any of the sick child photos shown in the examples are to be ignored and reported.. You can report scam events by simply clicking the “Report” link on the lower left side of the event page. Select “Scam Or Spam” in the option box that opens, then click submit. Do not click to “Attend” the events..

UPDATE 2: Via Thatsnonsense.comAdministration
We are asking our readers to report the latest viral “baby cancer” hoax on Facebook which is currently spreading virally. One particular instance of the photo is currently being shared from a Facebook page called Beliebers – gaining 1000s of shares a minute. The photo is very graphic and is the 2nd time the page administrator for Beliebers has shared such a hoax. The photo is here – http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=315826808452401&set=a.177543635614053.31299.176765799025170&type=1&theater – please report (warning: graphic photo) – Our Facebook article on this hoax is here – http://thatsnonsense.com/view.php?id=1480

UPDATE 3: Via Thatsnonsense.comAdministration

We’ve had some success getting rid of photos of the sick children in hospital with several popular instances being removed. However there are still several instances that have been up for a while. They are listed here. If you have a minute or so free please report these photos.


A Special Appeal to Facebook Users – Unauthorized Use of Baby Zoe Chambers Photograph

Hoax-SlayerHoax – Facebook Will Pay Three Cents Per Share to Help Baby With Facial Cancer

Sophos – Baby cancer and heart transplant hoaxes on Facebook

Heart transplant child Zoe Chambers has died (14 Jul 2008)

Boy with courage in a class of its own: Brave meningitis boy, 4, starts school after losing ALL his limbs

Appeal for assistance From The Administration Of  Hoax-Slayer

“Hi there!

As some of you may be aware, I have spent a considerable amount of time the last couple of weeks assisting Julie Chambers in getting the picture of her and her sadly departed daughter Zoe removed from Facebook after Em Franklin alerted us to it being used as a “share to help get surgery” hoax which, after my investigations, transpired to be funding a scam run by a Jamaican (http://www.hoax-slayer.com/zoe-chambers-story.shtml). This instance even made national press in the UK (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2088292/Conmen-set-Facebook-site-asking-donations-help-fund-heart-transplant-dead-toddler.html) and we have been quite successful so far. There are however a few unauthorised shares of this photo on FB that we are still working on as we find them.
Three days ago, the mother of the child with the cavernous hemagioma, Hope Cantu Ettore learned that a picture of her son, Samuel, was being used in a similar hoax, albeit without the scam element (there has been one instance discovered though where the page sharing the photo has included a link to their Sri Lankan travel company in the caption). Samuel is now 7 years old and had the hemagioma removed a number of years ago and is doing brilliantly. I am also now assisting Hope with trying to get this picture also removed from Facebook.
As you can imagine, both mothers are very distressed at pictures of their children having been misappropriated in this way and I do have a couple of support groups I am a member of on FB assisting in our efforts to get these pictures removed. This is, however, quite a large task and I am now asking the hoax and scam busting communities on Facebook to please also assist with this if you would be so kind.
The plan of attack we are taking is to report the picture where it is being shared from, rather than the instance where is is being shared. This way the workload is lessened somewhat in that when the “original” post of the photo is removed – all shares of it also instantly disappear. Where possible we are also commenting on the photo where it is shared and messaging the person who shared it.
I would be very grateful for any and all assistance offered in this task, as I am sure both mothers would also be very appreciative.
~This post has been cross-posted to: Bulldog Estate, That’s Nonsense, Facecrooks, Sophos and Hoax Slayer.~
Thank you for your time and assistance.

UK Admin for Hoax Slayer on Facebook.

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