Misinformation – My Birthday Calendar

Snopes has this listed as FALSE, and guess what? I fully agree with that finding. HOWEVER, let me set the record strait. I firmly believe almost ALL Facebook Applications are aggressive information collectors/ thieves. So if you are going to pass around the status shown in the photo, you’d better edit out the one application named and generally warn your friends away from ALL Facebook Apps. See attached Snopes report. 😉

~Black Knight

My Birthday Calendar & Holiday Card List

Extra Info:
You may want to read these as well.
Data Use Policy → Other websites and applications

Sold out soon as you load most apps the first time.
“When you connect with a game, application or website – such as by going to a game, logging in to a website using your Facebook account, or adding an app to your timeline – we give the game, application, or website (sometimes referred to as just “Applications” or “Apps”) your basic info (we sometimes call this your “public profile”), which includes your User ID and your public information. We also give them your friends’ User IDs (also called your friend list) as part of your basic info.”

Facebook Platform Policies (Section II:5)

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