Facebook SCAM ALERT – Do You Want To Know What will happen in 2012.

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<< SCAM ALERT – What will happen in 2012 >>
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Facebook users should be on the lookout for a post that claims you can find out what will happen to you in 2012. (Examples Below.) If you get drawn in by the bogus message you will end up being led to a Facebook Fan page that tricks you into installing a Facebook application and then into doing fake surveys. The Facebook Application is a fake. It creates a message that displays nothing more then a random sentence with a picture, which is suppose to be your future. It also uses the permissions you granted it to post to your wall without your knowledge. While the application is posting the novelty message to your friends, behind your back, you are led to a website that states you must complete a survey to view premium content. Please see the examples included below and please read the extended info included below the examples.

Example Scam Message #1

Example Scam Message #2

Example Scam Fan Page

Example Application Install Screen #1

The Survey Scam


Be advised; Currently there appears to be high level of Rogue Application related spam on Facebook. These particular scams may engage users as legitimate applications at first, however once they become popular they appear to switch to spreading spam and survey scams. 
It is advised that you use extreme caution before installing NOVELTY Applications or Quizzes, such as ones that claim to tell you how you will die, the popular song when you were born, what type of dog you are, Celebrities that were born on your birthday and other things of that nature. The Quizzes themselves may also ask you rather personal questions like: How big is your house, Your Income level, Where do you live, Your Birth-date, Your family size and other information that could be used to commit Identity Fraud.
These types of applications all have two things in common. Many of them have no drop screens or informational preview, (Meaning: The offer you little to no information about the app you are about to install and no Privacy Policy or company contact info.) They also all request the “Post To Facebook As Me” permission up front, on the “Application Request For Permission” Screen. -As a general rule of thumb you should Personally review all Facebook applications before you install them. Do not install applications simply because it appears friends have used it. Please see the included resource links for more information on these types of scams..

Facebook Profile Clean Up

If you have fallen for the scam, you need to remove any Facebook Applications you may have installed as a result of the scam and delete any wall messages you have posted as soon as possible. If you have seen your friends post the scam, take a little time to report the spam to Facebook. Please see the resources below.

How do I remove or delete an app from my account?

How do I remove a Wall post or story?

The link below shows you how to Report Abuse On Facebook. It covers reporting a post as spam.

How to Report Abuse


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