Message From MBK For The BDE

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The BULLDOG Estate would like to say “Welcome” to all of the new Fans that have joined our page. We hope that you find our alerts, warnings and other general information useful. However in the last few days we notice an alarming trend amongst many of the Facebook users who have “liked” our page. Many of you seem to believe that some of warnings issued via The BDE in the last few days have been fake or wrong. Let me clear up the confusion for you..

“Read everything before you say anything”. <You won’t be confused so much, if you actually do that, in most cases..:)

The BDE has been a Scam Warning community for longer then many of you have been Facebook users. We do not post any warnings or alerts without first checking them out OURSELVES. We even check out warnings that come from other more well know sources to make sure they got it right. Our staff consist of Security Experts and Experienced Computer technology personnel (Some Anonymous) and when we tell you something is a Scam, Virus, Malware or other internet baddie, IT IS a Scam, Virus, Malware or other internet baddie, and you should use the information provided to protect yourself from it and warn your friends.

We are private citizens just like you. We are not paid to warn you. We do not make money from warning you and the only reason we ask you to tell your friends about us is: “We like protecting ourselves, you and your friends.” We put ourselves and our technology on the line, for free, everyday, to test and find malicious things on Facebook before they hit our friends, you or us. (And Our “For Free” really, actually means FREE) -You and your friend are not forced to like us, so if you think we are not providing you with truthful reports or info, UN-LIKE US.. We will still keep going..

Please Remember: Scammers are a tricky bunch. They will not stop finding and trying new ways to deceive Facebook users. You are worth money to them and they know the best way to keep the cash flowing is to keep YOU confused. Don’t be confused, Don’t be a fool and do your best to learn truth from fiction. If you can’t tell the difference between Truth and Fiction, and you actively refuse to accept the truth when it is handed to you on a silver platter, you need to disconnect yourself from the internet. It’s not the place for you, you will be a victim and NO ONE will be able to help you.

My Name Is ~MBK.. That is short for Mr. Black Knight. I am a Co-Admin here at the BDE, but I’ve also run my own Scam Fight page in the past, (Scam Sniper). Most of it has been taken off line for the time being, but it’s still there. Though I truly don’t have time to run my own page, I do have the time to keep helping whenever possible. I truly enjoy helping others on the internet and will continue to do so till I die. BUT be forewarned if you insult this page, it’s owner, his information, my information or any other BDE staff I will put you to rest. I will not have you pollute the stream of information.

If you wish to confirm what I’ve said here, just Ask Sophos, Facecrooks, Hoax-Slayer,,Privacy and Security Guide, GetCocoon, to name a few..

Sorry for the length of this..


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Announcement – Our Facebook Page Will Be Closing Down

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‎**Announcement** it is with great regret that we will soon be closing down The BULLDOG Estate On Facebook, We have simply had enough of Facebooks abuse of its members and can no longer be apart of this Anti-Social Network. We will be moving to Google+ and will have a page there when they open them, The Website at will continue to post alerts. but in the next few months the Facebook page will close.

Cheers for your support.


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>Facebook New Spam Stopping Web Of Trotts at work – Why are we still seeing this crap

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If Facebook has added new spam additions and a partner to help them, why are we seeing this still being plastered over our walls.

This is Now still Viral after 3 days, Well done Facebook in showing just how not to do the job right.

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>The BULLDOG Rant : Facebook Why No response on the security issue

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A simple statement from your Facebook Security would have been great Something Like:
Hey guys – shit happens, change your passwords and you’ll be fine.. Well explain later..”

Where is their Guitar Playing Security Hero Now??? No Where. Stick with The BULLDOG Estate , We do a better Job anyway.

Symantec researchers issued a statement yesterday informing Facebook users to change their Facebook login password immediately. Apparently they have uncovered a Facebook bug which was able to provide 3rd party access to Facebook users’ accounts.
They estimate that as of April 2011, close to 100,000 Facebook applications were leaking what they call “Access token’s” to 3rd party advertisers.
Quote Via Symantec
Access tokens are like ‘spare keys’ granted by you to the Facebook application. Applications can use these tokens or keys to perform certain actions on behalf of you the user or to access the user’s profile. Each token or ‘spare key’ is associated with a select set of permissions, like reading your wall, accessing your friend’s profile, posting to your wall, etc.
Facebook took corrective action to help eliminate this issue once Symantec notified them of it, however there is no possible way to estimate how many access tokens have already been leaked since the release of Facebook applications back in 2007. Because of this, Symantec fears that a lot of these tokens might still be available in log files of third-party servers or still being actively used by advertisers.
Symantec states that concerned Facebook users should change their Facebook passwords immediately to invalidate the leaked access tokens. Changing your Facebook password makes the leaked access tokens invalid and is equivalent to “changing the lock” on your Facebook profile.

How To Change Your Facebook Password:

  1. From your Facebook home page click “Account”, Then “Account Settings“.
  2. On the “My Account” page, In the “Settings” tab, scroll down to the heading “Password” and click the “Change” Link to the right of that heading.
  3. Once you’ve typed in your old password and then your new password twice, simply click the “Change Password” button and you are done. (Please remember not to make your password easy to guess or to  make the same as you have on other web accounts.)
To read more about the issue, please visit the links below.

Facebook Applications Accidentally Leaking Access to Third Parties

Symantec: Facebook Security Flaw Could Have Compromised User Information s-flaw-leak-profile-access_n_860278.html

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>The BULLDOG Has Had Enough – Time to Evaluate Our Time On Facebook

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>Wow I can see who viewed my Profile – No you Can Not you Freaking Idiot

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If you have seen the applications that have spammed your walls with “Wow I can see who viewed my Profile” and other so called  “Profile Viewers” Here is our final proof from facebook that you can not, No application can not or even the dopey monkey happy clickers Can Not See who Viewed Their freaking Profile

This is from Facebook’s Help Centre 

Here is the link

So for all the Dopey Happy Clicker Monkey’s Out There, Stop Paying the scammers , Stop Spamming your Friends, Stop Being Freaking Idiots and Follow Advice once in your life.

This Has Been A BULLDOG Rant.

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The Original BULLDOG Estate Fan Page Has been Restored By Facebook

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We would like to announce that Facebook has just sent us this email.

Add sender to Contacts 


Hi Tony,
I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience you have experienced. A page that you admin was disabled in error. This page has now been restored and you will now be able to access it.
Thanks for contacting Facebook,
User Operations

We would Also like to Thank Graham Cluley For The support he has shown us and for the post below

The Bulldog EstateIn a bizarre and hard-to-understand move, a Facebook page which claims it helped countless Facebook members stay safe online on the social network has been shut down… by Facebook.
The Bulldog Estate is one of a number of different resources on the internet dealing with the subject of Facebook scams, rogue applications, and the like. Other examples include Scam SniperFaceCrooks andSophos’s own Facebook community.
On Monday 18th April, the Facebook page belonging to Scam Sniper was shut down by Facebook authorities:

Scam Sniper

Notice: The Sniper Has Been Shot. Facebook Disables The Admins Of The Facebook Fan Page Scam Sniper.
Later that day, the same fate befell The Bulldog Estate’s Facebook presence, leading the scam-exposing site to say that Facebook had made a bad PR move:

The BULLDOG Estate

The BULLDOG Estate Facebook Page Has been Closed by Facebook, They Dont Like bad press, Watch…
The Scam Sniper Facebook page was eventually restored, but Tony Mazan, the owner of The Bulldog Estate, hasn’t had the same luck.
Mazan has been contacting Facebook since Monday attempting to understand why The Bulldog Estate’s Facebook page was closed, and how it might be recovered.
Today Mazan received a standard response from Facebook, which still wasn’t specific about the reasons that The Bulldog Estate’s Facebook presence had been killed off:
"Hi Tony
You created a Page that has violated our Statement of Rights and Responsibilities, and this Page has been removed. Facebook Pages may only be set up for the purpose of promoting a business or other commercial, political, or charitable organization or endeavor (including non-profit organizations, political campaigns, bands and celebrities), and only by an authorized representative of the entity or individual that is the subject of the Facebook Page. By creating a Facebook Page, you represent and warrant that you are authorized to do so by the person or entity that is the subject of the Facebook Page. Among other violations, Pages that are hateful, threatening, or obscene are not allowed. We also take down Pages that attack an individual or group or that promote or glorify violence, intolerance, racism or discrimination. Continued misuse of Facebook's features could result in your account being disabled."
This “explanation” clearly hasn’t satisfied the many fans of The Bulldog Estate, who have created pages urging Facebook to reinstate The Bulldog Estate, and left messages on Facebook’s official safety pages.
Tony Mazan“We helped countless members on Facebook and supported Facebook in trying to help Facebook users stay safe online, We do not advertise or make money from our help, our blog writers are volunteers, and our admins are volunteers,” Tony Mazan of The Bulldog Estate told Naked Security. “What we can not understand is why Facebook removed a real help group and yet there are thousands of rogue applications, thousands of hate filled pages, thousand of fake profiles. We are as real as it gets and get shut down.”
“Is it because Facebook security never gets comments like ‘We Love you’ or ‘thanks for always alerting us on time with user-friendly information’,” continued Mazan. “As one of our supporters said – you may shut the dog outside, but you will never silence the bark.”
Although the language used on The Bulldog Estate’s website doesn’t beat around the bush, it seems clear to me that the content they produce isbeneficial and helps Facebook users avoid scams and other attacks.
Maybe Facebook needs to be a little less robotic in its shutdown of this scam-exposing community, and could work a little more closely with Tony Mazan and his colleagues to bring what is a helpful resource for its users?

About the author

Graham Cluley is senior technology consultant at Sophos. In both 2009 and 2010, the readers of Computer Weekly voted him security blogger of the year and he pipped Stephen Fry to the title of “Twitter user of the year” too. Which is very cool. His awards cabinet bulging, he was voted “Best Security Blogger” by the readers of SC Magazine in 2011. You can contact Graham at, or for daily updates follow him on Twitter at @gcluley.

Also to all Our Fans on Facebook and our website , Without you friends and fellow social network users we would have just given up without a fight, your support was heart warming and a massive boost of well being.

Thanks to all the media outlets for your support and to all the people who tweeted our demise. and Unofficial Guide to facebook privacy and security who assisted us.

And Finally a Big Big Thanks to Mr Black Knight from ScamSniper who was a great support.

Remember this and ill say it again “You can Shut the dog outside, But you will never silence the bark”

Keep sending us the scams and hopefully working with Facebooks help we will rid our social networks of the filth that are scammers.


Tony Mazan aka The BULLDOG.

Checked and Verified by The BULLDOG Estate

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>Update about Facebook Closing Our Fan Page

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Here is an email response from Facebook

According to our records, there is no disabled account associated with the email address you are using to contact us. If you are referring to another account that has been disabled, please contact us directly from the email address you use to log in to that account.
If you’re writing on behalf of someone else (like your child or a friend), please ask that person to write to us from their Facebook login email address. Unfortunately, we can’t correspond with you about someone else’s account for security and privacy reasons. Facebook is forbidden by federal and many state laws to take any action on or release any information an account to anyone who is not the account holder. Everyone on Facebook that is 13 years-old and above is considered an authorized account holder and thus included in the scope of this policy.
If your inquiry is not related to a warning or a disabled account, please visit our Help Center at
The Facebook Team

I only use 3 email address and all 3 are logged with my Facebook account. Please bare with us until we resolve this issue with them.


Tony Mazan

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>The BULLDOG Estate Facebook Page Has been Closed by Facebook, They Dont Like bad press, Watch This space for Bad Press

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The BULLDOG Estate has had its facebook page shut down by facebook, without any Official Email from them, They have deleted all traces of US, Did we close down scammers that paid for facebook Ads? Well Fuck you Facebook, The Gloves are Off, The BULLDOG Is PISSED…………….

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This is a BULLDOG Rant in response to claims made on:


Ok i have read this shear utter rubbish about FarmVille Masters & FarmVille world are cheat sites, We fully investigated them and they do not use cheats/hacks and bots, in fact my Zynga contact tells me they have no issue with them, Now as regards my Name on these lists, i am the owner of we hunt scams and cheaters/viruses and bots, child molesters and fake profiles, Feel free if you want to remove me because you are uninformed and with my favourite moto in place ” I would like to help you, But i can not Fix stupid” , i will be listed on most if not all fake/scam pages, how the hell do you think i warn people who join them? i “Like” the pages, post my alert, then move on to the next, and thats without installing any applications, that is done on a secure connection and on each and every scam/application, We at The BULLDOG Estate have checked on thousands upon thousands of complaints/problems. If you really want to be pissy about the rules and try and speak crap about me, lets put things into perspective shall we, YOU All are breaking The Facebook TOS by adding people you do not know in real life, so look at yourselves before you cast doubt on others, Remember this also “Liking a page does not make you a cheat” using the cheat application does. The cheat links published only show “Friends” who have “Liked” the application. This is a BULLDOG Rant and will be Published on

And Yet you publish links to your page that is not in keeping with how the game is played, so are the so called cheater haters having double standards? i think so :O) , 

here are the links you posted and my reply to it is at the bottom:

Farm hands
Farm hands
Farm hands
Farm hands
5 hours ago · Like · · Unsubscribe

Tony Mazan How many of you have clicked these links? How many have thought yeah i want one of those, This is classed as sharing items/gifts without using the proper method so that equals to a cheat way of doing it, lets see who is honest to say they cheated by using these links?

This has been A BULLDOG Rant On our new site

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