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Here is an email response from Facebook

According to our records, there is no disabled account associated with the email address you are using to contact us. If you are referring to another account that has been disabled, please contact us directly from the email address you use to log in to that account.
If you’re writing on behalf of someone else (like your child or a friend), please ask that person to write to us from their Facebook login email address. Unfortunately, we can’t correspond with you about someone else’s account for security and privacy reasons. Facebook is forbidden by federal and many state laws to take any action on or release any information an account to anyone who is not the account holder. Everyone on Facebook that is 13 years-old and above is considered an authorized account holder and thus included in the scope of this policy.
If your inquiry is not related to a warning or a disabled account, please visit our Help Center at http://www.facebook.com/help.php
The Facebook Team

I only use 3 email address and all 3 are logged with my Facebook account. Please bare with us until we resolve this issue with them.


Tony Mazan

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