Facebook SCAM ALERT – Facebook Valentines Day Theme.

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Facebook users should watch out for post that offer them a Facebook Valentines Day Theme. This well crafted scam tries to dupe users into believing Facebook is offering the theme as a part of the new Timeline profile. If a user takes the bait they will be transferred to an external website that tricks them into installing a malicious Chrome or Firefox extension/plugin that acts like a Trojan. The Trojan will monitor the user’s browsing activities and redirect their page to a survey page that ask for their mobile number. There are no Valentines Day Themes offered by Facebook, users should avoid this type of scam. Please see the included examples.

Example Scam Message

Example Scam Website

Additional Resource: (More Examples & Extended Information)

Via Trendlabs Malware Blog
Facebook Valentine’s Theme Leads To Malware

 Facebook Profile Clean Up

If you have fallen for the scam shown above, you need to remove any browser plugins you may have installed as a result of the scam and delete any wall messages you have posted as soon as possible. If you have seen your friends post the scam, take a little time to report the spam to Facebook.
How to recover from spamming browser plugins or apps:

First: Start by checking what Facebook apps you have installed and remove any suspicious ones. Then check for and remove any suspicious browser plugins. You should also update your Anti-Virus Software and RUN A FULL SCAN with it to make sure you didn’t get any viruses on your computer from the spam.

How do I remove or delete an app from my account?

Removing any possible bogus browser Plugins..


Second: You should change your Facebook Password just in case.

How do I reset my password?

Third: Finally you should Delete the wall messages and or report the messages as spam.

Here is how to remove a post from the wall:

How do I remove a Wall post or story?

The link below shows you how to Report Abuse On Facebook. It covers reporting a post as spam.

How to Report Abuse


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