For Animal Rescue Advocates-Understanding -Security Check-Captchas

For Animal Rescue Advocates: Understanding “Security Check-Captcha’s” prompts and other account restrictions on sharing.

by The BULLDOG Estate on Monday, 7 January 2013 at 15:07 ·

There appears to be quite a few messages floating around Facebook that state Facebook is blocking or deactivating animal rescue advocate accounts. The messages, in all their CAPS glory, are a bit misleading, I’m sorry to say. If you’re an animal rescue advocate stop and think for a minute: Why would Facebook all of a sudden want to block you? Do you think Facebook wants to go up against every animal rights organization or animal shelter on the planet for blocking their advocates from simply helping animals? Yea, umm, Facebook has its problems, I’ll give you that, but really, come on.

Actually what appears to be happening is that Facebook’s “Anti-Spam” system is flagging users who are, let’s say, a little too trigger happy with sharing or friending, or whatnot. If you’re getting “Security Check” or “Captcha’s” prompts, or other account restrictions on sharing and friending, YOU MAY NEED TO SLOW DOWN YOUR TRIGGER FINGER. Try this: Instead of posting 15 links or whatever every 5 minutes, post 5 links or whatever every half hour or so. In between posting, go do something else like chat with your friends, read the news or play a game. Do something that makes you look like a HUMAN. By posting/ sharing/ friending/ whatever too much, too fast, you are making Facebook treat you like a spammer or spam bot. See here:

It is also possible that Facebook’s “Anti-Spam” system is detecting spam like activity from your account due to a rogue Facebook Application, malware or a malicious browser plugin on your computer. If you’ve come in contact with the aforementioned, the bad guys could be using your account as a spam bot. To solve the issue you need to check and clean both your Facebook account and computer. See Here:

There is also a chance Facebook’s “Anti-Spam” system is once again hopped-up on something and is incorrectly flagging users, links or actions it shouldn’t, on certain accounts or parts of the service. If that’s happening then you will either have to wait it out or try to get Facebook to pay attention to the problem by submitting a bug report here:

How do I know this?

I’ve been on Facebook as Black Knight for more than 3 years, Scam Sniper a whole year before that and before Facebook was even born I was troubleshooting and repairing computers, their software and networks. So let’s just say I know my Schmit. Not only that, but I’ve only capitalized each letter at the being of a sentence, one whole word and one line in this 5 paragraph “quick note”. I’m not some over excited Schmuck, I’m just a human trying to help other humans, by breaking bread with a little knowledge. 😉

~Black Knight

Since March 2010 we’ve been taking a “No Bull”, “No Holds Barred” approach to scam fighting.

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