Welcome to The BULLDOG Estate where we take pride in exposing scams.

Join us and we will help you keep your news feed spam and scam free.

We take a “No Bull”, “No Holds Barred” approach to scam fighting.

Just like our partner pages, “Scam Sniper” , we let the scammers know:

“Don’t crap in our yard and we won’t crap all over yours”.

The BULLDOG Estate is not only about fighting scams however. We’ll are also here to help our members with game support, hints and tips. Members are welcome to ask for help, neighbor each other and post anything they like within the bounds of the page’s description and the facebook TOS. We only ask that you be civil with the administration and your peers. Play fair and be safe. So become a fan, suggest us to your friends and keep updated.

find us at www.facebook.com/bulldog.estate

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