Keep An Eye Out for Whitney Houston Scams

Whitney Houston was found dead Saturday at a Beverly Hills, California, hotel. The cause of her death is currently unknown and being investigated. Unfortunately, as usual, you should expect Scam Artists to use this sad news as bait to draw individuals into their scams on Facebook and other places around the web. Scammers may try to spread Viruses, fake YouTube Plugins, bogus Adobe Flash Player Updates, Malicious Browser extensions, Rogue Facebook Applications and other Malware using fake videos and news reports as the bait. Avoid questionable search results, videos, links and websites. Only get your news and updates about the story from mainstream media outlets.


Scam Reports

Cybercriminals Leverage Whitney Houston’s Death (02-13-2012)

Mainstream Media Outlets (Real Information)

Report: Houston’s Body Was Underwater

Prescription drugs found in Whitney Houston’s hotel room, report says

Singer Whitney Houston dies at 48

Whitney Houston, Pop Superstar, Dies at 48

Police: Houston Found Dead in Her Hotel Room

Fans ‘Speechless’ Over Houston’s Death

~Mr. Black Knight

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