Facebook SCAM ALERT – Justin Bieber Stabbed By Crazed Fan.

<< SCAM ALERT – Justin Bieber Stabbed >>
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Facebook users should be on the lookout for a bogus video link that claims to show Justin Bieber stabbed by a crazed fan outside a nightclub. (Example Attached.) If you get drawn in by the bogus message you will be transferred to a fake video website. When you try to play the video, by clicking the play button, you are told you must share the bogus video link first. After clicking the share button and then the play button again, as told to, you are then re-directed to another website and told you must complete bogus surveys to see the video. The Surveys are masked as a “Identity Check“, but the truth is the process is a fraud designed to get you to complete bogus surveys or offers that net scammers 1 to 3 dollars per survey. There is no video of Justin Bieber being stabbed. See the examples provided below..

Example Fake Video Message

Example Fake Video Website

If You Click PLAY You are Told You Must Share First, 
Then Click Play

Example Of The Share Prompt

  Once You Share Then Try To Play The Video,
You are Re-Directed To A Survey Scam

Facebook Profile Clean Up

If you have fallen for the scam shown above, you need to delete any wall messages you have posted as a result of the scam, as soon as possible. If you have seen your friends post the scam, take a little time to report the spam to Facebook.
How do I remove a Wall post or story?

The link below shows you how to Report Abuse On Facebook. It covers reporting a post as spam.

How to Report Abuse

Did You Fill Out The Survey Scam.

It is important that you never hand over any personal information, such as: email addresses, cell number, name, home address or credit card numbers, to these types of scams. If you do, you are simply setting yourself up to be spammed or worse. Identity theft is big business and handing over some of the info these bogus surveys ask for, will make you a victim of that business. If you have made the mistake of handing over a credit card number, you should call your bank or credit provider as soon as possible to have them remove or dispute the charges that have or maybe made to the card. If you’ve given your cell number to any of these types of Scams, it is important that you call your cell carrier ASAP to have any charges you may receive stopped. If you begin to receive unsolicited phone calls, you should take note of the calls, record names and numbers, then report the calls to the FCC or other proper authorities..

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