Facebook Clean up 2012

If you want to know how to clean up your profile and computer in some cases, after you’ve interacted with a scam that may have caused you to install rogue apps on your profile or malicious browser plugins, please read on.

Follow these steps, (In Order), to clean things up…

First: Start by checking what Facebook apps you have installed and remove any suspicious ones. Then check for and remove any suspicious browser plugins. You should also update your Anti-Virus Software and RUN A FULL SCAN with it to make sure you didn’t get any viruses on your computer from the spam.

How do I remove or delete an app from my account?

Removing any possible bogus browser Plugins..

Uninstall extensions (Chrome)
Uninstalling add-ons (FireFox)

Second: You should change your Facebook Password just in case.

How do I reset my password?

Third: Finally you should Delete the wall messages and or report the messages as spam.

Here is how to remove a post from your Timeline or Feed:

How do I delete something posted on my timeline?

How do I remove a link that I posted?

The link below shows you how to Report Abuse On Facebook. It covers reporting a post as spam.

How do I report abuse to Facebook?

~Black Knight

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