>The Photo Tagging Nightmare! – by Mike Malm

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There has been a VAST number of photo tagging survey scams to surface as of late, and the list just keeps getting longer and longer!

Unfortunately there isn’t much you can do about it; aside from removing the post from your profile wall, and un-tagging yourself from the picture that is. Assuming you didn’t actually click the link in the picture, you should be okay.

If by chance you did click the link, and have given permission to the rogue app. You are most likely to be the one of the many that have allowed the app to post images, and tag your friends in YOUR name! There is a Video on Sophos’s website on how to clean up the aftermath of being such a victim…

What you CAN do though is prevent others from seeing these photos in their news feeds if YOU do get tagged by one, so it doesn’t spread any further! We’ll call it “Proliferation Prevention”, because much like STD’s prevention is the best medicine; right? 😉
There is a negative effect to this though. If there are friends in your list who you would like to see tagged photos of you, you’ll be SOL! This will prevent EVERYONE from seeing ANY tagged photos of you! Although if you know about grouping friends into different categories such as “Friends”, “Family”, “Gamers” etc… You can set permissions to specific groups.
For people with very large friend lists, this helps A LOT for privacy reasons.
Top Right: Account > Edit Friends
I’ll save a tutorial for that at a later date, but for now I’ll show ya the basics. =]

  • First we’ll start off by going to your account privacy settings.

Top right: “Account” > “Privacy Settings”

  • Then you’ll want to set a customized setting.

Click “Customize settings”

  • You’ll see in the list under “Things others share”… A section for “Photos and videos you’re tagged in”.

Click “Edit Settings”

  • A new popup “Who can see photos and video I’m tagged in”.
From the drop down select “Custom edit”

  • a new popup “Make this visible to”
“These people” from the drop down select “Only Me”
Click the “Save Setting” button, and you’re done!

Let’s keep Facebook a clean, and SPAM Free environment!
These scammers and spammers are only in it to make money by praying on peoples natural curiosities, and desires. It’s an age old tactic of Social Engineering, and who’d a thunk that a social site would be perfect for this?
Remember; if it seems too good (sick) to be true, it usually is!

If you would like to stop seeing repeat offending apps from posting in your news feed…
Please check out my note on Facebook on “Known List of Apps to Block“. Share it with your friends, and spread the word. I try to keep it up to date as much as possible.
Help them to help you fight off this spamming garbage!

I would like to thank The BULLDOG Estate, and Sophos for their great contributions of helping fight the spam!

Safe Facebooking,

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