An illustrated guide to claiming and using your limited edition AVG biplane.


Claiming your limited edition AVG biplane is a simple process, the only requirement is having the FarmVille game on your Facebook account. With that in mind, here are the steps to getting hold of your AVG biplane. 
Step One:
Open FarmVille and Select “Market” from your menu.
Step Two:
Select AVG’s special offer within the Market menu.
Step Three:
Follow the link to get your biplane

Step Four:
Take advantage of AVG’s great offer on PC Tuneup 2011
Purchase complete

Step Five:
You’ll see a congratulations banner when you return to FarmVille!

Step Six:
Place your plane on your farm.
Step Seven: (Optional)
From the unit menu, select Apply Instant Grow

Step Eight:
Harvest your fully grown crops!

We’d love to know what you think about our FarmVille biplane! Will you be getting one? Join the debate on Facebook or Twitter. For further information or support please visit the official Zynga forums.

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