The BULLDOG Estate Recruitment Post :O)

We now have 1960 members but i feel with your help we can have 2000 in next to no time .
So lets try shall we.

For Facebook
Here is our share link on Facebook click that and follow the instructions :O)
Sharing this link direct to facebook will hit over 500 million people. 
you can also “Like” Our Facebook page clicking “Like here”

For The Blog

Please click here and share our blog to Facebook ——–> Share Blog
So lets try and get 2000 members and try to keep them all scam and spam free

Here are some useful links:
The BULLDOG Estate “Report a Scam Feature” Click here
Our Partner Pages are ScamSniper and Unofficial Guide to FB Privacy and Security

This is The BULLDOG Estates Email address :

This is Our Twitter Page @bulldognk

Thanks for Reading 

The BULLDOG Estate

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