>Help Ive been contacted by someone claiming to be Facebook Security

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I’ve been getting reports in that someone from Facebook Security has been contacting users to get them to send login information to them, or be blocked, removed, banned etc…

They already have this information, nor do they actually need it to manage accounts.
The real Facebook Security has Administrative privileges that supersede anyones accounts.
This also goes for any site you log into. There is a structured order to these things.
As with any site, my own as well as your PC work in much the same way.
If anything goes wrong, or someone forgets a password. The Administrator can “Take Over” any other account to fix problems or what not.

So Unless you are at the Official Login Page (This is the ONLY place You should EVER be asked for login credentials), do NOT ever give this information out freely in ANY way shape or form claiming to be an administrator.

If anyone ever contacts you in this manner… Report, and Block the person immediately.
This is an age old tactic called phishing using Social Engineering as a way to get personal information.

Login credentials are for you, and you only!

Stay safe everybody,


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