>Phishing Alert – Fake Facebook Login Page

> Fake Facebook Login Page, Do Not Get Caught Giving away your secrets

Fake Facebook Page

Phishing Address
Remember the only facebook address is http://www.facebook.com

Defined – A phishing scam is when someone fraudulently and illegally imitates a trustworthy source to steal usernames, passwords, credit cards info, etc. It can occur through regular e-mail, a link on the web, a facebook wall posts, facebook messages, facebook chat or any other means of communication on the web. On facebook a Phishing scam is usually done to obtain your log in information. On the web it can be use to obtain bank logon’s and various other pieces of sensitive, valuable user information. On facebook this will give a hacker access to your facebook account and allow them to reap your profile info and preform more attacks on the people in your friends list. On the web this type of stolen information can allow a hacker to steal your livelihood. A Great example of a Phishing attack can be see at the link below.

How to Get Hacked on Facebook

If you want to know more about Phishing & how to avoid:


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