Scam ALERT – Freebie Offers

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Again I’m going to keep this real simple. See all of the EYE CATCHING, ($1000) free offers shown in the attached photo? Yes? Good, make sure you stay away from them. They are all scams. They request you share them with your friends, do fake surveys or had over your mobile number and other personal information. In return, you 

will receive nothing, but the scammer who created them will get paid for your insatiable urge to obtain a Free Lunch.

~Black Knight

Beware of Facebook Freebies!

Facebook SCAM – Watch Out For Free Gift And Gift Card Offers On Facebook.


Malware ALERT – Fake AT&T Bill

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Cyber-criminals are sending out emails containing bogus AT&T bills in the hopes you will think you forgot to pay your bill and rush into clicking a link which sends you NOT to AT&T, but to a website hosting a Blackhole exploit kit. This is a very high-quality scam, however it has 2 really noticeable red flags. One, the bil

l amount is ridiculously high and two, if you float your mouse over the main link in the mail, the target website is not AT&T.

If you receive this type of email do not click any of the links in it. Instead report the email as phishing and delete it immediately. As a general rule of thumb it is better to login to web accounts directly if you believe there is a problem with the account. Do not follow links in or reply to “Out-Of-Blue” emails.

~Black Knight

Fake AT&T Bills Direct Users to Blackhole, Zeus

Malware ALERT – Fake BBB Mail

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Business owners and customers alike should be on guard for a scam that is using the Better Business Bureau | US‘s name to trick users into downloading malware on to their computers. The malware is designed to infect the user’s computer and look for information such as bank account numbers and passwords in order to steal mon

ey from the recipient’s accounts. The scam comes in two different versions. One which masquerades as follow up to a complaint filed with BBB, the other is asking for updated contact information “as a service to BBB Accredited Businesses.” Both are good fakes, using correct grammar and following BBB formatting. However, floating your mouse over the links offered in the emails reveal an address that does not belong to the Better Business Bureau.

If you receive these types of emails it is very important that you do not clink any of the links offered in them or reply to them. Instead forward the message to then delete them immediately.

~Black Knight


Email Phishing Scam Hijacks BBB Name, Again!

New Phishing Scam Hurts Small Businesses

SCAM ALERT – Fb Security Phishers

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ATTENTION: Scam Artists are always looking for new Facebook accounts to take control of. Never respond to messages that appear to come from “Facebook Security” and state your account will be deactivated or terminated within 24 hours due to a TOS violation unless you “Verify” or “Re-Confirm” your account via a link. Fa
cebook Security does not send out these types of messages. Actually “Facebook Security” never messages users. You should only expect to receive a EMAIL message from a member of the “Facebook Team” if you have contacted them for support, FIRST.

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Alert – Users

**Share & Like To Spread This Alert** email addresses and passwords have been compromised by a hack attack, according to Blizzard. Time to change your password if you are a user of the service. For more information please read the attached Digital Trends report.

~Black Knight

Blizzard’s hacked: Change your password

Scam Alert – All Facebook accounts must be verified

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Watch out for a message currently floating around Facebook that states: “All Facebook accounts must be verified by (Any Date)”, (See Example). -The message leads to a rogue Facebook application that does nothing more then grab your profile information and spam your friends, in your name. While the app is spamming your friends you are transferred to another page and told to complete surveys. Please Note: Facebook does NOT use your newsfeed, Inbox, chat, Applications or Surveys to verify your account. If you truly wish to verify your Facebook account, Facebook’s help topic states you must add your mobile number to your account.

I just signed up. How do I verify my account?,-how-do-I-verify-my-account?

The BULLDOG Estate:

Alert – Foursquare Users – Phishing email masquerading as foursquare


foursquare users should be on the look out for the email shown in the attached picture. The links or URL’s in email lead to a “.ru” website and not Do not reply to or click anything in the message. It is a Phishing Scam. Delete the email immediately.

Phishing email masquerading as foursquare friend approval


~Black Knight

Police Fear For ‘Vulnerable’ Missing Man

Thomas “John” Rickett has been located safe and well. Thanks to all who posted our alert

 9:12AM, SUN 10 JUN 2012 

Police Fear For ‘Vulnerable’ Missing Man

Last updated Sun 10 Jun 2012

Thomas Rickett
Thomas Rickett Credit: Wiltshire Police

Police in Wiltshire say they’re becoming increasingly concerned about a 66 year-old man who has gone missing from his home in Tisbury.
Thomas Rickett was last seen by a carer at his sheltered accommodation at around 5.40pm on Thursday.
Mr Rickett needs medication which he does not have with him and police say he could become disorientated and confused.
He does not have a car and so officers are keen to hear from anyone who may have seen him on a bus or train in Tisbury or further afield.
Anyone with information is being asked to call Wiltshire Police on 101.

The BULLDOG Estate Advice – Free Mobile Security


There many free ways you can protect your mobile phone from viruses and malware. I don’t care if the guy you brought your phone from says you don’t need it. He likely doesn’t know you need it because he is more interested in selling you the phone. No scare tactics involved here, it’s just a smart thing to have. That is unless you like getting charge for premium SMS messages you didn’t send or want your Smartphone to end up as someone else’s bot… I personally use the free version of Lookout and have used it for a long time, but I make no claims of it being the best. Do some research on your own and choose the one you like the best.

~Black Knight

**Free Mobile Security Software List**

Lookout Mobile Security – Lookout’s free security protects you from malicious software, and it also provides features that let you secure your device and manage/back up your data using the web. Furthermore, you can utilize Lookout to help you find your phone if it’s lost, and/or remotely wipe out data if the worst happens. Both Free and Paid version…

Avast! Free Mobile Security – Avast!’s free browser anti-virus is a popular name in computer protection, and that favorable reputation extends to its mobile anti-virus offering as well. Avast!’s mobile security provides protection against malicious downloads, and users can also install anti-theft features, a web shield, and take advantage of a privacy report.

IKARUS Mobile Security Lite – IKARUS Lite provides free and thorough protection against mobile viruses, spyware, malware, and Trojans. Moreover, it’s resource efficient (so it won’t bog down your phone), and its interface is user-friendly. Free version

Mobile Security Personal Ed Trend Micro – It protects your Android from loss, malicious apps, and dangerous websites. Free Feature: App Scanner – will scan every app you install to make sure it is safe. Comes with a 90 day trial of the paid features, but the app scanner remains free after the trial.

Kaspersky Mobile Security – Kaspersky provides free virus scan and free malware removal tools for Android, Blackberry, Symbian, and Windows Mobile phones. For ease of use, you can search for your phone’s model on the Kaspersky website.

Antivirus Free AVG Mobilation – AVG Antivirus for Smartphones & Tablets automatically detects harmful Apps & SMS. AVG Mobilation™ Antivirus Free is a free mobile security solution that helps protects your phone from viruses, malware, spyware & online exploitation in real-time. PRICE: Free

Webroot Security & Antivirus – Webroot Mobile Phone & Tablet Security anti-virus protection. Mobile phone and tablet security and antivirus. (FREE) Anti-virus, Internet security & identity protection for Android™ smartphones & tablets. Locates lost or stolen devices, automatically scans apps/files, blocks malware, phishing, SMS spam & more. PRICE: Free

Sophos Mobile Security (beta) – Sophos Mobile Security helps to keep the data on your Android device safe. We verify that the apps you choose are free from malicious code using SophosLabs intelligence. And if your device is lost or stolen, our remote lock functionality shields your personal information from prying eyes. PRICE: Free

Norton Antivirus & Security – Security, antivirus, antitheft protection that won’t slow your Android down. Norton™ Mobile Security Lite protects your mobile device against loss, theft and malware. Norton lends its anti-malware, anti-virus, and security expertise to mobile. Your life and important Stuff is on your phone. PRICE: Free

Antivirus Free Creative Apps – Fast and lightweight malicious app protection for your phone Improve your mobile security with fast and lightweight malicious app protection for your phone. PRICE: Free

Dr. Web Mobile Security Suite – You can trust a doctor, right? Dr. Web is light, user-friendly, and will even protect your phone against unknown threats. You can also use the program to protect against unwanted incoming calls. Dr. Web Mobile Security Suite is available for Android, Symbian, and Windows Mobile. Customers of any Dr.Web product for protection of workstations can use their Dr.Web key files to protect the mobile devices free of charge!

General Facebook Information – Facebook detected suspicious patterns

I received a question from a fan of the BDE’ earlier today and would like to past along both the question and my answer to the question. The question has to do with a little known Facebook feature which may lock you out of your Facebook account based on a possible malware infection on your computer. This is not a new feature, in fact it’s been around since 2010, but it’s not normally seen and may scare you or throw you off a bit when and if it ever pops up for you. Please see the information below..

The Fan’s Question:
I was wondering if you can tell me if my 2nd account was hacked. It is saying I have malware loaded and it is asking me to use malware software. Wont let me log in but it seems to be facebook doing it. Not sure what is going on.

My Answer:
You’re seeing that message because Facebook detected suspicious patterns in the way your account was being used. They say the patterns suggest that your computer might be infected with malware.

To help you keep both your account and the files on your computer secure, they request you allow McAfee to scan and clean your computer of any possible infections. Since they are partnered with McAfee, they allow you to do this for free by logging into Facebook and following the on-screen directions when prompted..

So it’s not a scam and safe for you to do what they ask you too. Once you have allowed McAfee to scan your computer for any possible infections and clean them, you should be able to log back into your account normally.

Better Security through Software

When I log in to Facebook, I see a message telling me I have a virus and need to scan my computer with McAfee software.,-I-see-a-message-telling-me-I-have-a-virus-and-need-to-scan-my-computer-with-McAfee-software.

*I have included a photo of part of the process..

**Please note: If you are seeing a message asking you to do a malware scan AFTER you try to login, then it is safe.. Like for instance: You go to and enter your login information and then Facebook prompts you to do the scan. That is safe..

If you receive a message like that BEFORE you even login to Facebook, then it is NOT safe. Like for instance: As soon as you try to a box pops up telling you about a malware infection and won’t even let you access the login page. It may even ask you to purchase software, pay to regain access or even try to force you to complete a survey.. If that is the case You have a form of “Ransomware” and need to have a full Anti-virus scan done on your computer immediately.

~Black Knight – Sorry for the length of this message..

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