Scam Alert – Share to Help Baby With Brain Disorder


Facebook users should be on the lookout for a photo of an unknown child that claims people should share or like it so that Facebook or the “Facebook team” will donate or give money for every share of the photo. Despite what is stated in the widely circulated photo, (Example Attached), it should not be shared or liked. Though the child’s name is unknown the child’s picture has been shown on several websites that claim the child’s deformities were caused by the use of depleted uranium weaponry in Fallujah, Iraq. As of now the Childs whereabouts and condition are unknown. Please remember Facebook does not donate money for the liking or sharing of any content on Facebook. The photo does nothing more then exploit the child, Emotionally Blackmail Facebook users into liking or sharing content from junk fan pages and puts unwanted stress on the family of the child because they have not asked anyone to post, like or share pictures of their child with such bogus claims attached. If you see this child’s photo appear in your feed, with the bogus donation message attached, please inform your friend of the hoax/ scam and report the photo as spam. For more information please read the reports below..

Another Facebook Nonsense Post – Share to Help Baby With Brain Disorder


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