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<< General SCAM ALERT >>
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This is a general ALERT to all Facebook users. Please be advise that there may be a high level of Rogue Application related spam on Facebook this Weekend. These particular scams may engage users as legitimate applications at first, however once they become popular they will switch to spreading spam and survey scams. It is advised that you use extreme caution before installing NOVELTY Applications, such as ones that claim to tell you how you will die, the popular song when you were born, what type of dog you are and things of that nature.

These types of applications all have two things in common: Many of them have no drop screens or informational preview and They all request the “Post To Facebook As Me” permission up front and . As a general rule of thumb you should Personally review all Facebook applications before you install them. Do not install applications simply because it appears friend have used it. Please see the included resource links for more information on these types of scams..


<< SCAM ALERT – Number One Song >>

[Scam Alert] The number one song when I was born was –

~MBK – @ Sophos, Facecrooks, Privacy and Security Guide, Hoax-Slayer,

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