Message From MBK For The BDE

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The BULLDOG Estate would like to say “Welcome” to all of the new Fans that have joined our page. We hope that you find our alerts, warnings and other general information useful. However in the last few days we notice an alarming trend amongst many of the Facebook users who have “liked” our page. Many of you seem to believe that some of warnings issued via The BDE in the last few days have been fake or wrong. Let me clear up the confusion for you..

“Read everything before you say anything”. <You won’t be confused so much, if you actually do that, in most cases..:)

The BDE has been a Scam Warning community for longer then many of you have been Facebook users. We do not post any warnings or alerts without first checking them out OURSELVES. We even check out warnings that come from other more well know sources to make sure they got it right. Our staff consist of Security Experts and Experienced Computer technology personnel (Some Anonymous) and when we tell you something is a Scam, Virus, Malware or other internet baddie, IT IS a Scam, Virus, Malware or other internet baddie, and you should use the information provided to protect yourself from it and warn your friends.

We are private citizens just like you. We are not paid to warn you. We do not make money from warning you and the only reason we ask you to tell your friends about us is: “We like protecting ourselves, you and your friends.” We put ourselves and our technology on the line, for free, everyday, to test and find malicious things on Facebook before they hit our friends, you or us. (And Our “For Free” really, actually means FREE) -You and your friend are not forced to like us, so if you think we are not providing you with truthful reports or info, UN-LIKE US.. We will still keep going..

Please Remember: Scammers are a tricky bunch. They will not stop finding and trying new ways to deceive Facebook users. You are worth money to them and they know the best way to keep the cash flowing is to keep YOU confused. Don’t be confused, Don’t be a fool and do your best to learn truth from fiction. If you can’t tell the difference between Truth and Fiction, and you actively refuse to accept the truth when it is handed to you on a silver platter, you need to disconnect yourself from the internet. It’s not the place for you, you will be a victim and NO ONE will be able to help you.

My Name Is ~MBK.. That is short for Mr. Black Knight. I am a Co-Admin here at the BDE, but I’ve also run my own Scam Fight page in the past, (Scam Sniper). Most of it has been taken off line for the time being, but it’s still there. Though I truly don’t have time to run my own page, I do have the time to keep helping whenever possible. I truly enjoy helping others on the internet and will continue to do so till I die. BUT be forewarned if you insult this page, it’s owner, his information, my information or any other BDE staff I will put you to rest. I will not have you pollute the stream of information.

If you wish to confirm what I’ve said here, just Ask Sophos, Facecrooks, Hoax-Slayer,,Privacy and Security Guide, GetCocoon, to name a few..

Sorry for the length of this..


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