SCAM ALERT – Free SWA Flight Passes

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<< SCAM ALERT – Free SWA Flight Passes >>

Facebook user should be on the lookout for bogus Free SWA Flight Pass offers. (See Attached Photo)

If you get drawn in by the current bogus flight pass offers you will end up being led to websites that try to trick you into *Sharing* the spam, then *Liking* some random fan page. Finally you will be told you need to complete surveys/offers to receive the imaginary free gift. You may also be asked to install malicious browser plugins that will use your browser to compromise your facebook account, and caused it to repeatedly spam the people in your friends list. Free flight pass or ticket scams have been on facebook for quite some time.

Remember: You should approach ALL free offers on Facebook with CAUTION.

**Resources** << More Information On Past Versions Of The Scam )
Facebook scam: TWO FREE Southwest Airline Tickets

Free tickets on Southwest Airlines? It’s the latest Facebook scam

“Free Southwest Airlines tickets” Facebook scam

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