Re-posted Hoax Alert – Baby Cancer – Heart Transplant – Faces Blurred

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<< Re-posted Hoax Alert – Baby Cancer & Heart Transplant>>
(Faces Blurred)

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Facebook user should be on the lookout for a “re-posted” PHOTOS that claim people should share them to help children obtain free heart transplants or other needed surgeries. Despite what is stated in the widely circulated Facebook messages, (Examples Attached), the photos should not be re-shared or re-posted.

One, Facebook is not going to pay anything to anyone simply because they shared a photo and two, these message are nothing more than new variations of old money for forwarding or re-posting hoaxes. These types of messages have been circulated for years, first via email and more lately via social media posts. You should avoid them..

**UPDATE: All “Event Invites” that use any of the sick child photos shown in the examples are to be ignored and reported.. You can report scam events by simply clicking the “Report” link on the lower left side of the event page. Select “Scam Or Spam” in the option box that opens, then click submit. Do not click to “Attend” the events..

A Special Appeal to Facebook Users – Unauthorized Use of Baby Zoe Chambers Photograph

Hoax-Slayer– Hoax – Facebook Will Pay Three Cents Per Share to Help Baby With Facial Cancer

Sophos – Baby cancer and heart transplant hoaxes on Facebook
100 Facebook Shares Appeal

Heart transplant child Zoe Chambers has died (14 Jul 2008)
So, the child in picture number 2 received heart surgery 4 years ago.. She passed after that surgery.. I Sure don’t think her mother would want you spreading hoaxes around with her picture..

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