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A new phishing attack is currently being circulated on Facebook. This new type of attack will not just try to steal your Facebook credentials; it will also try to steal credit card information and other important information such as security questions. The stolen information will then be used to login to the compromised account and change both profile picture and name. The profile picture will be changed to the Facebook logo and the name will be translated to “facebook Security” but containing special ascii characters replacing letters such as “a” “k” “S” and “t”.

Facebook Security, the REAL ONE, does not send chat box or inbox messages to ANY Facebook member while they are on Facebook. They will NEVER ask you to click links that take you to Non- Facebook.com URLS to confirm your account information. They NEVER ask you to disclose your email address & password. They also NEVER send ANY unsolicited emails.

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Facebook Security Phishing Attack In The Wild

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