CORRECTED SCAM ALERT – Video Caution Wet Paint

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<< CORRECTED SCAM ALERT – Video Caution Wet Paint >>

New Version – 01-13-2012
Facebook user should be on the lookout for message that claims to show a video titled “Caution Wet Paint”.
(Example Shown In Attached Photo)

-The link in the scam message leads to a Facebook fan page that tricks users into “Invisibly” liking a separate fan page and does not show any video. Victims of the scam may also be told they need to complete surveys/offers to view the video or instructed to download a malicious browser plugin. If you see the scam appear in your news feed you should avoid it or report it as spam. If you have already become a victim to the scam please take some time to remove the scam message from your wall, to avoid spreading it to your friends..

Caution Wet Paint – Very Very Funny – Facebook Scam
(08-19-2011) – *Past Version Of The Scam*

Scam Clean Up..
How do I remove a Wall post or story?

The link below Shows you How to Report Abuse On Facebook. It covers Reporting a post as spam.

How to Report Abuse

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