Alert – 30 Fake Facebook Security Fan Pages

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<< 30 Fake “Facebook Security” Fan Pages >>

The attached photo shows the URL’s of 30 Fake Facebook Security Fan Pages. I have chosen to provide the URLs in the form of a picture to help reduce the chances of any users visiting the pages and inadvertently “Liking” and or “Joining” them. These pages do nothing but provide scam artists with the means to steal Facebook Accounts. If they are not actively doing it, they will end up doing it sooner or later. These pages are not affiliated with the real Facebook Security and have been created by “Joe Scammer”. If you are sent a link to one of these pages via: Email, News Feed, Chat, Facebook PM, Web Link or any other form of communication please do not respond to the communication. Instead, report the communication as spam/ Phishing and then immediately DELETE IT.

**How to Report Spam And or Phishing On Facebook:

Reporting a violation

To Report Phishing:

***There is only 1 real “Facebook Security” Fan page. It’s listed below. It has well over 5 million Facebook Fans and will never send you any communications threatening to close your account and asking for your login details.

Facebook Security

PS> If there are any Facebook Employees and or Connected Security Professionals viewing this and you would like to obtain the url list in the form of text, so you can help wipe the pages off of Facebook, please contact the BDE via the email listed in the info section.

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