Facebook Scams Alert: Security Experts Warns of Gadhafi Malware Threat

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Again- Libyan officials have confirmed Muammar Gaddafi is dead.

Security experts are warning that the death of Colonel Gadhafi is likely to cause a surge in malware attacks. The first attacks are likely to be via Social Media site like Facebook and later via search engines.

Stay Sharp, Watch What You Click..

Security Experts Warns of Gadhafi Malware Threat

Malware attack poses as bloody photos of Gaddafi’s death

**In the interest of keeping our Fans from accidentally clicking new scams that may pop up on Facebook due to this news, I have included a few official news reports on the subject matter below.

Obituary: Muammar Gaddafi

WATCH: Fox News Reports Live From Tripoli, Libya as Crowds Celebrate Reported Death of Muammar Qaddafi ( Warning This Report Contains Video Of Gaddafi Dead Body.)

Libyan prime minister confirms Gaddafi killed as Sirte is overrun

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