>Does Facebook really care for our privacy? By B-Joe

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     The big question that everyone has is “Does Facebook really care for our privacy?” I took in an investigation to figure out if they really do care for our privacy to keep us safe.

     One of the biggest loopholes i found about this was in section 3 of the Facebook Terms of Service. They remarkably put that they cannot guarantee that your privacy is protected. This does not really affect them caring about your privacy really. For the little scams that are not too big you are responsible to watch out for them for yourselves. They only protect your privacy in major concerning ways.

     A huge loophole into your privacy not being protected is in Section 2. There it states that ALL applications must follow the TOS and if they withdraw to do so they will be terminated. Today there are many applications out there scamming and giving users viruses, yet they don’t get the Facebook application team out there to remove them from the Facebook System. This makes it look like 75% of the time Facebook doesn’t care for your privacy matters. 

     Then in section 5 is says that you must respect others rights, yet about an estimated 5,000+ get their Facebook hacked because Facebook doesn’t have that many resources to protect privacy that well. Resources for protecting your privacy and such are not high enough. They allow you to hide your email but then again there’s applications that they don’t get rid of that can most likely get your email out there to the hackers.

     Facebook is now developing a new security feature to help you protect yourself. When you click on a scamming link or virus link Facebook will ask you if you are sure you want to go there. Do you think this is a good enough feature to protect more users and prevent more hacks and scams?

“Even peace may be purchased at too high a price.
-Benjamin Franklin

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