>Active Alerts and Scam Reports – 09-05-2011

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Source: ScamSniper

Active Alerts and Scam Reports.
Scam Video Alert : WOW Watch These Hot Girls Fight (05-09-2011) -Active
[SCAM ALERT] Free Subway Gift Cards – Limited Time (05-08-2011) -Active
Avoid Facebook Ads That Appear To Offer Diet Supplement Trials(05-08-2011) -Active
Scam Alert: Miley Cyrus Exposed – See it here First – Survey Scam (05-08-2011) -Active
Avoid The Golden Thoroughbred Stallion & Horse Scams (05-07-2011) -Active

Avoid Facebook Ads That Lead to Work At Home Scams. (05-06-2011) -Active

PHOTO! Girl accidentally sends dad SMS about her FIRST TIME (05-06-2011) -Active

Spam Spreads Through Multiple Features (How You Will Look Old Scam(05-06-2011) Active
I dub thee Admin of Page [x]. Arise and Get your Scam (05-06-2011) Active
Alert: Avoid Need help please.. 🙂 can you please click messages. (05-05-11) -Still Active
FarmVille Scam Warning: Avoid The Fake Rainbow Cow Message. (05-05-11) -Active
Manual Script Scams on Facebook Generating Event Invitations (05-04-11) -Active

The BLOODIEST Fight EVER – BANNED FROM TV (05-03-11) -Active
Bin Laden’s death photographs or videos, Are they real or not? -Graphic Photograph Included. Updated With Facebook Scams and Virus Warnings: (05-02-11) -Still Active- High Alert
[SCAM ALERT] 2 FREE Southwest Airline Tickets! (05-01-11) -Active
Currently Inactive Scams
Avoid ALL “Verify Your Facebook Account By May 8th” messages. (05-02-11) -Sleeping
Trying To See a Father walk in on his Daughter Will Get You Jacked. (05-01-11) -Sleeping
*SCAM ALERT* – Avoid ALL “Guy gets Pantsed Live” or “Justin Bieber gets pantsed by fans during performance” messages. (05-01-11) -Sleeping
[SCAM ALERT] See how your baby will look like? (05-04-11) -Sleeping

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