>Facebook Security and Safety Not Making Users Safe? By B-Joe

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     Is Facebook completely safe or just a complete fail? That question might be in the mind of the Facebook Web Team. I went around asking people what they think about Facebook and how they feel about all the scams and hacks that go around. Here’s what they said.

     Bailey Slands replied on one of our questions about her feeling safe on Facebook and here’s what she said. “It depends, i feel safe when i am alerted and know the steps to stay safe. I don’t feel safe when i don’t know the extent of the virus.” I think many of us can agree on what she said because you never know if your safe if you don’t know the extent of viruses. We also asked her what would she tell others on Facebook about how to avoid such scams on Facebook. “I would tell them not click on any suspicious links and stay away from sketchy material.”

Another Facebook user we asked named Eric answered if he felt safe on Facebook and he said “Not wanting to trust any links.” I can agree to this because sometimes i see strange links and i debate over whether to click them or not and well each time I am lucky whether i click on them or not. January P. said “I’m really feeling not safe at all.” Anthony Wiuff said the biggest scam he sees is the Website scams. Here’s what he said in his own words “The biggest one i see is fake website making i got scammed like a month ago off of a site i thought it was fake so i used my old account and went back and all my stuff was gone.” That was in reply to what happened to him in one of Zynga’s Hit Games YoVille.

     Many others that i questioned also said they do not feel safe. Jeannette Howard said “You should know who your friends are first.” I agree you never know if there trustworthy or not if you add many people from around the world like i do. Quite a few more answered the questions and told me interesting things.

    A Question asked by The BULLDOG Estate page “With all the scams and spam on Facebook , do you think Facebook is doing enough to stop it all? or is it something more sinister behind it all?” 11 People answered “Yes They Are, Members need to do their part also.” An outstanding 181 People said “No They are not, They need to do more.” This question shows that many do not feel safe on Facebook and wish that Facebook Security would start making Facebook safer. 

Only a small amount think they are as safe as they can be and that Facebook Security is trying their best. Which would you agree on?

    Every security update takes a while so we are hardly getting safer besides the fact that Facebook users have The BULLDOG EstateScam SniperSophos and many more pages to rely on to get updates on whats going on with scams and such. Then again not many know about or like these pages because well they just don’t know about scams and viruses very well or just don’t care.

     Do you think Facebook Security & Safety is making you safer?

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