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So there have been reports coming in that there is a “New” virus associated with the Barack Obama Clinton Scandal!

Your friends have been posting a message as follows…

Virus spreading like wildfire on Fb and My Space! It is a trojan worm called koobface. It will steal your info,invade your system and shut it down! DO NOT open the link Barack Obama Clinton Scandal! If Smart Girl 15 requests you as a friend, don’t accept it; it is a virus. If somebody on your ………list adds …her, you get the virus too! Please copy and paste to you wall.

Now Koobface IS a real virus, but it is an out dated virus which any up to date antivirus program should pick up. (You are running an AV program right?)
This is a typical copy, paste warning. Most of the time these things are harmless.
The thing here to remember is that adding someone to your friends list won’t invite a virus, but that if a user is sharing links to virus infected sites… This is another story.
A lot of the times these are spread by an ex who is seeking revenge to get people to un-friend a user. In this case Smart Girl 15.

How can you tell if these things are fake?
A simple check on google usually does the trick.
Snopes is also a great tool to verify the legitimacy of internet shared information.

I’ve also pointed out some false, out dated, or misleading information to users who share status updates like this by pointing out Snopes.
The disappointing ones are the Amber Alert messages, because the user thinks they are truly trying to help. But this leads to “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” scenario. Then any following real Amber Alerts are usually falling onto def ears. This has a more negative impact than a positive one when messages like this are spread.

On a closing note, please remember to do a quick followup on these types of things before blindingly doing the copy and paste thing.

Information is power, but false information is just another slap in the face.

I hope this was useful to you, and everyone esle you share it with.

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