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  Have you ever wondered if you might have clicked on a URL that you thought was related to the website you were on previously before clicking on the url? Do you ever worry about it? Here are some tips on how to avoid clicking on non-Facebook or non-game related.

     Some websites are decked out to look exactly like your like Facebook for instance and when you think your logging in and you click the login button it turns out that later you figure out you’ve been scammed and hacked. How can you avoid doing this? Be sure that when you click on a link especially goo.gl, bit.ly, tiny.cc and many more that it’s the official website of Facebook or the website you were on.

     Highlighted in red you see that it asks for your password to connect from Zynga’s YoVille to Facebook. To connect and allow a game to your Facebook they do not ask for your email or password. Highlighted in blue you see that it’s obviously not an official Facebook link and Facebook doesn’t have ads in the corner like that or a sign up for Facebook above it. Be sure you know how the actual Facebook looks like so you can identify if a site is fake or not.

     On all social networks such as Facebook, Myspace, Bebo, Friendster, Zorpia and much more there are definitely scams in many different ways. Remember that people or website claiming to be the actual person/company that are wanting your email and password are not real representatives of the company or person. Be sure to keep an eye out for these kinds of people that try to get your Email and password and on Facebook it is recommended that you hide your email on your info tab, and to delete all important messages when they are no longer needed or can be saved/downloaded to somewhere.

     How can you recover from giving your information out without knowing it wasn’t the real Facebook? If you just realized you gave your information away seconds-minutes after hurry to your Facebook and change the password. If you have the same password for your email account (which many of you shouldn’t) change that too so they can not gain access to your personal emails.

     If you are too late and they have gained access to your Profile or any game/website you use be sure to try to gain access to your Facebook/ and or your game or website you are using. In some cases they also hack your email so be sure you remember your security questions so you can find your password or reset it. Then to gain access to your website/game be sure to confirm the email accepting a password change. If you are missing any items within a game be sure to contact the Game support and tell them what has happened and you will get items returned or a refund. If your profile info was changed be sure to change it back and warn your friends that you were hacked and scammed.


     Remember that it may take Facebook or the any company a while to investigate or recover your information because likely many company’s are very busy but try to help you as soon as they can. Stay safe!

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