ScamSniper Shared – FARMVILLE PLAYERS: Massive Scam FarmVille Application Block Link List.

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Below I have compiled a list of 310 Scam FarmVille Applications. All of the applications in the list have been check by me personally and have been found to only deliver spam and scam messages to unsuspecting users on facebook after they or their friends install them. I have compiled this list in the hopes it will help reduce the amount of spam certain users see in their News Feeds, Events List, Inbox or chat window while they are trying to enjoy their time on facebook. My thoughts are to help you cut off some of these bogus spammy apps before they ever become viral enough to spam your News Feed, Events List, Inbox or chat window. Please take the time to read the 6 “Questions & Answers” I have provided below. I believe they explain the usefulness of this list and what you should expect to gain from this post if you are willing to put in the effort required on your part.
What do I do with this list and the links in it?
Simple, you use this list and the links in it, to “Block” as many of the bogus FarmVille Applicationson facebook you can.
Why Would I Want To Block These Bogus FarmVille Applications?
Because every application in this list has no other function except to SCAM or SPAM you and your friends with offers for free FarmVille Stuff you will NEVER get..
What will “Blocking” these applications really do?
Blocking these application will stop them from interacting in anyway with your facebook profile or the information within your facebook profile.
What Will Happen Once I Block These Bogus FarmVille Applications?
You will NEVER see any of the Spam or Scams these applications will send out. You will NOThave to worry about these applications accessing any of your profile information through your Freinds, if they install any of them. You will never be TAGGED in any photo’s these applications spam out either.
Is This Every Scam Application On Facebook?
HELL NO. Not even close. This list only contains what one man could find in his spare time and this list ONLY contains to Bogus FarmVille Offer ApplicationsNote: If you take the time required to block every application in this list and still encounter FarmVille Spam and Scams in your News Feed, Events List, Inbox or Chat, don’t get mad or complain at me. Instead, take a few seconds to copy the Spam Or Scams Link, paste it in an email and send it to me at the following email . I will add your find to my list.. 🙂
Are you crazy? Do you expect me to click all of these links right now?
YES and No. I would have to be crazy to dig up all of these rogue apps, but not crazy enough to think or expect your to click all of these links right now. I expect you to relax, take your time and do it at your leisure. Currently there are 310 application block links below. They are broken into 15 sets of 20 and 1 set of 10. If you would like, you can do 1 set at a time throughout the day or do 1 set a day for 16 days. It’s up to you.

How to Begin:

  1. Please make sure you are logged into facebook already.
  2. Simply Click the first Application Block Link in Set 1 below.
  3. Once you have clicked a Block Link, a New Browser Window or Tab will open with a facebook “Block Application Dialog” inside.
  4. Please take some time to read the Block Application Dialog, so that you can see the name of the Rogue App your are blocking.
  5. Once you read the information in the dialog, simply click on the “Block” button in the dialog.
  6. Facebook will Block the Application from your profile and return you to your facebook homepage. Simply close that window and proceed down the list till you get them all.
The list below contains 310 active Fake FarmVille application Block links. Once you block a facebook application, it will NOT be able to interact with ANY parts of your profile, 
ever, unless you “Unblock” it.

Set 1

Set 2

Set 3

Set 4

Set 5

Set 6

Set 7

Set 8

Set 9

Set 10

Set 11

Set 12

Set 13

Set 14

Set 15

Set 16

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