>Yoville Scam Alert : Whiteboard Scam


YoVille Whiteboard Scam
     There are two known YoVille Whiteboard scams still being used today. Those two kinds are very tricky to know and to seek while playing YoVille. All scammers know that they can do this as much as they want without getting away with it but how can you identify these two whiteboard scams?

     The first whiteboard scam is one that is very highly qualified in being the most trickiest scam to recognize. This one is where the scammer gives you a blank board instead of a board with the art you wanted. Whiteboards as you YoVille players know can be bought for 3k in the YoVille gift shop but if you end up getting a blank board instead of one with art on it your being ripped off with a blank board for 5k-8k.
     The second one can be easy to recognize and is easy to sight while in trade before accepting. This one is where the scammer gives you a 25₵ YoVille white room border instead of the 3k whiteboard. This one can be spotted if you hoover your cursor over the item that they put it and it will provide you the name of the item they give you to make sure it is definitely a whiteboard. Usually you can tell if it’s a border most of the time if the event they made says whiteboard 1k or 2k. Sometimes but rarely it is actually a whiteboard at these events because those people are nice.

     Both of these whiteboard scams have been happening for quite some time ever since the yoville art programs have been coming out and the borders for rooms have been coming out but can be stopped if all of you avoid them. 

     To Recover from this scam you can do several things. Before you go to events you can always get a snapshot of the owner of the event and if you get scammed you can always send the picture to Zynga with details of what happened during this event and they can investigate and possibly ban this member from playing. 


     If you have went to an event and have gotten scammed and you DO NOT know the name of the owner you can tell Zynga full details on what happened and the items you have lost and they will investigate this problem (which can take them a few weeks) If you told the truth and they investigated correctly you will get 100% of your items back and if they find the owner they may get banned.


     The last way you can recover from this scam is one that can be hard to use. Ask your friend if they have [the item that you have lost in the scam] and they may have an extra one that they can provide for you. If they ask you to give them another back later when you have enough money be sure that you do buy another and give the one they gave you back to them or give the one you bought to them and keep the other. 

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