>Yoville Scam Alert : 3 Biggest & Latest YoVille Scams

3 Biggest & Latest YoVille Scams

      YoVille Scams are very popular for most YoVille players. Thousands fall into them everyday while playing no matter what kind it is ranging from scam websites to adopting “yo babies” who want to be spoiled. But today there are quite a few YoVille scams that we should share with you.

1.One of the deadliest ones is the website scam. Some are made to look exactly like a Facebook homepage and when you login the data sends to them and they know your password and email so they can hack your Facebook and steal everything on your YoVille account.

2.  One of the second most famous scams going around today of course are gifts. People expect you to send them very expensive and rare gifts and their looking for vulnerable slow thinkers to give them one. They tell you it’s their birthday, best gift wins [item], and one of the most famous ones in that their poor. Some send items to their other account when they actually have everything on the account that they’re telling you “I’m poor” on.

3.  And #3 is one of the 3rd biggest around YoVille money scams. As you see in the picture below the person made a beauty pageant where if you pay them 400c you can win 14k! Well guess what if they want 400c they dont have 14k they’re getting your money and as soon as you pay them BAM! your kicked out the door.

      All of the 3 scams above are the biggest and latest YoVille scams which all YoVille players should keep an eye out for. These are everyday scams that you will see during the time you play no matter what time your on. Be Aware.

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