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Confirmation Virus Scan Preformed With Avira Anti-Virus

Staying Virus Free Created by MBK Of ScamSniper

I’ve gotten a few messages from people asking: Is it’s possible that they can receive computer viruses from the scam pages, groups, Rogue apps, fake events and or viral links they may stumble across on facebook? Also many of them wanted to know what they could do to keep their computers safe from the other virus threats that can be found around the  internet in general. People just wanting to know what precautions they should take to defend against these threats.

Visiting any of the many scam groups or pages that are on Facebook will normally not place a virus on your computer. Visiting pages on the “facebook platform” will not transfer malware to your computer because the “facebook platform” is virus free. However, you need to be cautious if you have followed any of the links on those pages, groups, your wall/news feed, inbox or chat and those links have taken you OUT OF FACEBOOK to an external web address or initiated a file download from an external web address.You also need to be aware that there have been cases where a malicious application or page creator was able to place a malicious download in a facebook page which loaded an external website into that page via what is known as an IFrame. While on an external website or a facebook page with an external website loaded via an Iframe, it may be possible for a scammer to place a bad download on the web page or infect your PC through the web page. 

Other ways to get a virus while using your computer.

  • Mistakenly downloading a piece of software that you thought was safe while on the Internet. 
  • Getting caught off guard by a compromised or malicious website while surfing. 
  • Receiving one via an email or IM as an attachment or link from an infected computer. 
  • Using a removable thumb-drive or hard drive that has been infected and not cleaned..

What can I do:
  • Your best defense is to stay aware while on facebook and online period.
  • Do not click or follow links indiscriminately. 
  • Use a service like longurl.org , to show the full URL of any shorten links sent to you. 
  • Do not assume any app or link is safe, just because a friend posted it or sent it to you. 
  • Never follow any links without knowing 100% where they go. 
  • Do not download any software to your computer if you don’t know what it does. 
  • You must not use your computer without having a fully functioning Anti Virus software or software suite installed. Make sure to keep it updated daily and be sure to run full scans with it at least 2 to 3 times a week if you surf the internet daily. 
  • Don’t trust just one Anti-Virus provider. Although you should only have one Anti-virus software installed, you can use an “Online Virus Scanner” or a “Virus Rescue CD” to verify that your main Anti-virus did not miss anything. 
If you get in the habit of doing this type of routine, you will greatly lesson your chances of having your computer infected.

Facebook Note:
If you have installed any rogue apps on your facebook profile or clicked any clickjacked or likejacked links within facebook, you may be currently spamming your wall and or your friends news feeds with the apps or links viral/scam messages. If this has happened you must remove the messages from your wall by deleting the post and or remove the rogue app by uninstalling it from your facebook profile. If you do not know how to do this, please take the time to watch the video provided below. It covers how to report and remove spam post from your facebook wall, plus how to remove & block rogue applications.

Video – How to remove post, plus remove and block rogue applications.

*To report rogue applications or pages please view the link below.
Scam Sniper – How Do I…

What to to if you think your PC maybe infected:

If you have followed one of the links on facebook to an external website or downloaded a piece of software you are unsure of, and believe you may have gotten a virus infection, I suggest you check your current Anti-Virus software to make sure it is up-to-date and functioning properly. Then you should run a full virus scan on your system. If you do not have Anti-Virus Software on your system, here is a list of FREE ONLINE VIRUS SCANNERS. ( I suggest you check your system with at least 2 of these ): 

Online Virus Scanners:
The sites below will run a virus scan on your computer.

Note: After you’ve done a Online Virus Scan on your computer and it has been cleaned of any infections, I suggest you install one for your continued Internet and PC safety. Also install one of the Free Spyware Scanners. Below you will find a list of the top rated Free Antivirus & Spyware Softwares. 

Free Antivirus Softwares

Microsoft Security Essentials

Free Spyware Scanners

MalwareBytes Anti-Malware

Spybot Search & Destroy

Emsisoft Anti-Malware


PC Tools ThreatFire


Note: If your Anti-Virus doesn’t have web protection features, there are several tools available that you can add to your browsers for free. You only need one of the top 3 if your current Anti-Virus does not have Web Protection features. The 4th program is provided as an additional preventative solution. It works by killing your browsers ability to install certain malicious Spyware, adware, browser hijackers, and dialers. It can be used in conjunction with your other protection. I suggest you look it over.

Free Web Protection

McAfee SiteAdvisor
SpywareBlaster “For Internet Explorer & FireFox ONLY”

If you don’t wish to use an AntiVirus listed on this page, please check this.
Microsoft List of Antivirus Software Vendors

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