FarmVille Scam Warning: Avoid The Fake Unwither Clock Message – ScamSniper Shared

FarmVille Players: If you see a post like the one depicted in the example below, in your NEWS FEED, do not click any of the links in it. It is not a legitimate FarmVille message and you will not receive the in game reward promised in it.
Example ( Fake Unwither Clock Message ) SCAM!- Click To Enlarge
Scam Detected by simply noticing the message was not posted by the FarmVille application.
It is instead posted by an application named FarmVille Latest.
—-Message Text—-
These limited edition Unwither Clock are available for a short time!
Sam claimed a Unwither Clock, would you like to claim one too? Time remaining: 2 hours
—-Message Text—-

Clicking any of the links in the above fake FarmVille message will transfer you to the page below. The offer is not legit and will only cause you to spam the same message to your wall and your friends news feeds. After spamming your friends you will be transferred to a page which offers you a bogus chance to earn 155 Farm Cash. Clicking “Accept” on this screen will transfer you to a Survey Scam and you will gain nothing from participating in it. Avoid it. See examples.
Example ( Fake Unwither Clock Drop Page ) SCAM!- Click To Enlarge

Example ( Fake Unwither Clock Prompt to post ) SCAM!- Click To Enlarge

Example ( Fake Bogus 155 Farm Cash Offer Screen ) SCAM!- Click To Enlarge

Example ( Fake Bogus 155 Farm Cash Offer Survey Scam ) – Click To Enlarge

Play Hard! Stay Safe! Don’t Fall Into The Free Lunch Trap!
Don’t Get Caught In The Trap. Learn how to spot fake.
Quick: Learn Hot To Spot A FarmVille Fake

Damage Control ( For those who have fallen victim. )

If you have fallen victim to any of these Fake FarmVille Item Scams, you need to clean up your facebook profile immediately. You can do this by simply removing the posts made to your wall. This will ensure that you do not continue to assist the scam artist in spreading his ruse to your friends and even further throughout the facebook network.

To Remove The Fake FarmVille Messages From Your Wall:

  1. Navigating to your profile wall, then locate the message you want to remove. 
  2. Once you’ve located the message click on the little “X” at the top right corner of the message. 
  3. At that point Facebook will offer you a menu. Select “Mark As Spam” from the menu and the message will be removed. If the message is not remove or reappears on your wall simple follow sets 1 & 2 again, but this time chose “Remove Post” to have the message permanently removed. 
Stay Virus Free

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