>Updates to The BULLDOG Estate Blog and Facebook Page


Today’s updates

We have today started and email service to allow you to subscribe to a daily digest of the days posted alerts. simply add your email address to the area shown in the image below and never miss an alert.

We have fully incorporated Our Blog to twitter now, you can follow us @bulldognk and get up to the minute alerts.

 For the Blog Members who have “liked” this blog you will now get your alerts posted to your Facebook walls soon as it is published here on the blog, this comes in the form of a Facebook Note, Below is instructions (images) how to use this feature, 

*This service is unavailable to the facebook members who have “liked” the Facebook page only

 Finally The image below shows a global map of where The BULLDOG Estate has been viewed in the world, Notice all the areas that have no “Red dots” They are where people have not seen us, please at every available moment share our facebook page and our blog reports, lets try and get global coverage.

Final Note remember to visit our partner pages ScamSniper and Unofficial Guide to FB Privacy and Security Where together the three of us will keep you safe and spam and scam free and you privacy in safe hands

Thanks for Reading

The BULLDOG Estate

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