Unofficial Guide to FB Privacy and Security – The Facebook Site Governance Page

The Facebook Site Governance Page is cited in the Statement of Rights and Responsibilities and Privacy Policy as the area for posting notice of any amendments to terms. So I have to question the professionalism why Facebook’s most significantly legal page has only one ‘like’ – the ‘Public Figure’ page of the admin’s dog…? 

The Site Governance page is administrated by Facebook’s Privacy Counsel Edward Palmieri who has recently been re-translating Facebook’s Privacy Policy, was quoted to say “We struggled with really hitting home to users that we do not sell their data to advertisers,”

Mr Palmieri, we appreciate the information posted to this most important page. However if the Site Governance page had affiliated itself with most of Facebook’s official pages before you added your dog’s as the only one Facebook’s most vital page ‘likes’, perhaps we would believe Facebook’s sincerity when it comes to user data and the seriousness of privacy. Please use your own profile to plug your dog’s page. Or if you have time to stop by there, could you take a minute to answer some of the questions posted each day so those of us not salaried by Facebook don’t have to.

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