FarmVille Masters and FarmVille World – Helpful Players and Not Cheaters

It has been brought to our attention that maybe some of our members
or people who have read a blog of ours has incorrectly accused and of being a cheat site and have mentioned The BULLDOG Estate as the source of the information, These pages have been in contact with us and explained and showed proof of these accusations and we have concluded that there has been a mix up of this persons comments.

If you search for Farmville Masters on facebook you will see there is a lot of pages (Please See Photo).

My Advice to anyone who visits these pages and wants to make a comment using The BULLDOG Estate as the source, Please Double Check your facts like we do before you put your big feet in your mouth. 

At this time i would like again to say i am sorry for any upset or bad press caused by this person to Farmville Masters and thank them for emailing me with their concerns in a professional manner.

Tony Mazan

Owner Of The BULLDOG Estate

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