>Taco Bell Going Out Of Business Message – ScamSniper Shared


If you see the message below in your news feed, AVOID IT.
Example ( Taco Bell Going Out Of Business Message)

—Message Text—
Taco Bell Officially Going Out of Business
taco-bell-going-out.bg-news.org <—{Link
Wow. GROSS. They are finally getting what they deserve.
—Message Text—

If you click the link in this message you will be taken to the Fake Video site below. See Example
Example ( Taco Bell Going Out Of Business “FouTube” Video Page)- Click To Enlarge

You are shown a video which appears to need you to click the play button for it to run. However, once you click anywhere on the Fake video you will be “LikeJacked” and have the same link you clicked on posted to your facebook wall as one of your likes. This post will then show up in all of your friends feeds, in an attempt to trick them into clicking the link like you did. Once the Like-Jack has taken place you will be shown a Bogus Security Check Message and told you need to complete a Survey to pass the check. This is not a legitimate process, it is a Survey Scam. AVOID IT. See example.
Example ( “FouTube” Video Page Like-Jacking)- Click To Enlarge

Example ( “FouTube” Bogus Security Check )- Click To Enlarge

Example ( “FouTube” Survey Scam )- Click To Enlarge

Damage Control ( For those who have fell victim. )
If you have fallen victim to this Scam, you need to clean up your facebook profile immediately. You can do this by simply removing the like made to your wall. Remove the like by navigating to your profile wall, locating the like, then clicking on the little “X” at the top right corner of the message. Select “Remove And Unlike” from the menu and the message/Like will be removed. This will ensure that you do not continue to assist the scam artist in spreading his ruse to your friends and even further throughout the facebook network. If you’ve downloaded and installed any programs to your computer as a result of one of these scams, it is advised that you run a full virus scan on your computer immediately. At the link provide below you will find helpful information to assist in these task, if you are not sure what to do..
Stay Virus Free

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