Facebook users may notice some of their friends posting the following message to their status.

Example Message

—Beginning Example Message—
WARNING !!!!! DO NOT ACCEPT FRIEND REQUESTS Fabienne Resch, Matthias Dannenberg, Mario summer, Fabian Eder Bern, Roland dryer, Frank Becker;! THEY ARE HACKERS !!!!!! They destroy everything !!!!! PLEASE ….. Copy this text on your status, so that your friends are warned!!!!
—Ending Example Message—

The message is a hoax, and should not be copied to your status.

There is no credible evidence to back up the claims in these messages. Spreading unfounded rumors such as this can unfairly damage the reputation of innocent people. For more information on this old hoax please see the sites below.

A quick guide on common misconceptions about hackers and Facebook friend requests.

Social Media Deviants

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