>Advice from Unofficial Guide to FB Privacy and Security – Comment Tagging


Facebook has introduced tagging within comments. Users can tag their friends using the @ key, as they can in an update. While this is a very handy tool, Facebook has neglected to provide a function for the tagged user to untag themselves. (If you are tagged in a friends status update, you are able to untag yourself.)

Facebook’s tagging policy states users must not tag others without consent. We will investigate further to see if policy is breached by not providing users the ability to untag themselves from a link which leads directly back to a their profile, on a Facebook product that doesn’t allow users to approve it first.

If a user chooses to leave a comment on a friends wall, it is their decision to leave a link back to their profile which could be seen by anyone depending on that friend’s wall privacy settings. However the user can choose to delete that comment. This tag cannot be deleted unless the whole comment is deleted by the creator.

This photo shows how users are notified that they have been ‘mentioned’ in a comment. We will continue to request that Facebook provide users the ability to approve/ deny a tag before it is placed to stop the site wide abuse of the tagging policy terms.

Checked and Verified by The BULLDOG Estate

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