>Securing your Facebook connection – A BULLDOG Tip


 This feature will help secure users from extensions like FireSheep, provide better security on wifi networks, and help protect against cyber attacks. This is one step closer for overall protection

 Using Apps : If You are seeing an error message because the third party app you are trying to access does not support secure browsing (https). If you would like to use this app, simply click “continue.” We will temporary turn off secure browsing (https) while you use the app and automatically turn it back on for you when you are done.

Remember https is an opt-in security feature. When you turn this feature on, your traffic (i.e. all of your activity) on Facebook becomes encrypted, making it harder for anyone else to access your Facebook information without your permission.

Note: When you have set https , re-bookmark Facebook so your bookmarks will always be secure, so instead of http://www.facebook.com it will be https://www.facebook.com.

1. Click “Account” at the top right of the page and then select “Account Settings.”

2. Locate “Account Security,” and select “Change.”

3. Check the box under “Secure Browsing (https) and click “Save.”

Be sure to tell your friends and family to do the same. For more information on securing your Facebook account, check out: http://www.facebook.com/privacyguide

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