>The Facebook Phonebook Privacy Confusion By:MBK

> If you dont wanna share it, dont post the bloody information

Are you seeing this Alert?

Go to the top right of your screen, click Account, then Edit Friends.
Go to the left side of your screen and click Phone book.
Everyone’s phone numbers are now being published.
Please repost to let your friends know this is happening so they can remove theirs
Since day one of some one putting their number on their profile its been published, this is the users fault not facebooks
I like how people complain about something they did,  They add private information to their profile, then when some one post this alert crap, they say facebook is a shit, but if they stopped and thought about it, they will see its their own fault :O)

If you do not want facebook to share your private information on Facebook Do Not Put it there in the first place
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The Facebook Phonebook Privacy Confusion By:MBK

We’ve all seen this status message by now:

——Beginning Of Message——-
TELEPHONE NUMBER IS NOW ON FACEBOOK!! NO JOKE… Go to the top right of your screen, click Account then Edit Friends. Go to the left side of your screen and click Phone book. Everyone’s phone numbers are now being published. Please repost to let your friends know this is happening so …they can remove their numbers by changing their privacy settings.
——Ending Of Message——-

And we all know the above message has been labeled a hoax and rightly so. The way the message presents the information is totally incorrect. And even though facebook does have a phonebook feature, the numbers stored in your phonebook are apparently for your eye’s only. “Based on what facebook states”. Your own personal contact numbers visibility is controlled by how you set the privacy level of that info. If you put that info in under your profile and only want your close friends to see that info, you can set it that way or if you want the world to see it you can set it that way.

So this makes that message above Totally False right?

Well No, not totally. Lets say You never want your number on facebook period, Like Me. You never put this info in under your profile and never use your own personal cell or any other number with the service.

Is it possible that your number may still be stored or shared to facebook or through facebook?

Yes. If a friend decides to sync their Cell Phone’s phone-book with the their facebook phone-book.

If they agree to sync all of the contact’s in their phones phone-book to the facebook phone-book and they have your number in their cell, your number will be stored to the site and viewable to them under their profile.

I’ve personally experienced this. I never put any phone numbers or addresses into my facebook account. Yet somehow friends were telling me they could see numbers listed for me. How did this happen? Easy Some friend or friends Synced their phone and facebook allowed them to store the numbers and associate them with my profile. So even though I took the precaution of not sharing that info, facebook took that out of my control and put it in the hands of my friends.. Who simply didn’t ask me if I wanted that info shared or stored to facebook.

Again, facebook states, that only the person who synced the phone-book can see the contacts in it. However, To me the statement is made only full true by how secure the particular friend is. If they click the wrong link and their account is breached, your number will be visible to the party that breached it. If your friend installs a bad app and that app reaps their account info and their phone book entries, your number will be reaped too. So in my opinion, it’s possible for your number to end up somewhere you may not want it too.. Also I have been witness to seeing some phone numbers in my facebook phone book to people who were not my friends on facebook. I never synced or used a phone with the service. So the only number there, should be friends who have listed their numbers, Right?

So, though must people are correct in saying “don’t put on to facebook what you don’t want on facebook”, you must also realize that facebook inherently circumvents your total control in some very questionable ways.

Ie: “You may not share or store, But some of friends will and they ain’t asking you first and facebook ain’t gonna stop em”

Simple 1: Friends:
“Ask before you share or upload others info to facebook”.

Simple 2: Friends:
Tell your friends please don’t upload or store your number to facebook if you don’t
want it there.”

Simple 3: Facebook:
“CLOSE THAT LITTLE LOOPHOLE, SOMEHOW, PLEASE” I chose what to share with you, Not you or my friends..

Here are a few stories that have been released over the last few days. Read them for more info and confusion..

Is your private phone number on Facebook? Probably. And so are your friends’

Facebook Response to the above Article:
Facebook denies iPhone app shares phone numbers

And finally an article that opens the Confusion a bit more:
Facebook phonebook: Privacy confusion
http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/thereporters/rorycellanjones/2010/10/facebook_phone.html*please don’t take every word I have written above as gold, Not many people on facebook know exactly how everything works on facebook. This is my view based on my personal experiences, knowledge and opinion. I am human an may error in something.. Please read and research the info on your own as well. Then add to this discussion. Collective knowledge is the key..

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